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In the Spring-Summer of 1997 a series of cheesy "pick-up" lines were posted as part of Live Shows list. Since Spring is in the air again, I though I'd compile them here ... If you have a favorite line to submit, go for it. These may eventually find their way to a random greeting message on the site.

Cringe claims no responsiblity for the response to said lines.

  1. "I want you to have my children ... I don't want 'em anymore."
  2. "You ARE my New Years resolution."
  3. "If I said I could read your mind, what would you think?"
  4. "Are you here alone ... would you like to be?"
  5. "What's your mother's sign?"
  6. "Leave here often?"
  7. "If I said you have beautiful ears, would you listen to me?"
  8. That sucks ... "Sometimes I enjoy sucking."
  9. "If you promise not to smile, I'll promise not to talk to you."
  10. "Are you going to the U2 concert?"
  11. "Is that and eyeball in your socket, or are ya just happy to see me?"
  12. What's your sign? "Bad."
  13. "Sorry, I've run out of lines."