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Frequently Asked Questions v1.0 and v2.0 are available in the Store!
  1. Do you accept previously released tracks?
    We've decided to only accept previously unreleased tracks. If there are 500 or more copies pressed and/or distributed on CD, the track is not eligible.

  2. Who is eligible? What do you mean by local?
    Our main focus is bands/artists who perform in the OSU through Downtown areas of Columbus, Ohio somewhat regularly. While our preference is for bands/artists who are based in the Columbus area, we will definitely consider out of towners who play the area somewhat regularly. We will also consider all bands/artists based in Columbus even if they don't perform in the Columbus area. In other words, if you can be strongly connected to the Columbus, Ohio area, you are eligible.

  3. Are bands/artists on previous CDs eligible for this one?
    Bands and artists on the preceeding 2 compilation CDs are NOT eligible to be on the next compilation. So for Volume 5, bands and artists on Volume 1 and Volume 2 are eligible, but those on Volume 3 and Volume 4 are not.

  4. Why unmastered CD/CD-Rs?
    Actually, a mastered song is completely fine, just not required! We're just trying to save you a little time and money. We'll be mastering the comp as a whole to at least match levels across all the tracks. So there's probably no need for bands/artists to put too much time, money and effort into final level adjustments and minor equalizing that we'll be doing anyway. We're really just looking for a quality mixed, standard 2-track (stereo) recording -- mastered or not. Your engineer can probably tell you what's best left to the final mastering process and can even include notes or suggestions if your track is selected. And if our mastering engineers have questions, they will contact you.

  5. Do we have to pay or play a show for placement on the comp?
    All bands/artists on the comp will be asked to play a support show to help us raise money for the compilation. If you are unable to play a show, we will make cash arrangements. You will receive your share of CDs once you have played or paid for your share.

  6. How many CDs will you be pressing?
    We will likely press 2000 CDs. This number may change depending on how strong we feel the compilation is. We will press at least 1000 CDs.

  7. How many tracks will the CD have?
    The CD will likely have about 20 tracks. This depends largely on the length of the tracks selected.

  8. How many CDs will each band/artist be getting?
    Each band/artist will get at least 25 CDs. Our basic model is to distribute roughly half the CDs pressed among the bands/artists on the CD. So if we press 2000 CDs and have about 20 tracks, each band/artist will actually get 50 CDs. You are free to do what ever you like with the CDs we give you.

  9. What will you be doing with the other half of the CDs pressed?
    Many CDs will be set aside for promotional purposes. We will first send copies to local radio and press. Later we will send copies to Ohio/regional radio and press. Then we will send copies to national (and maybe international) press and radio. Copies will also be distributed through the Columbus and OSU library systems. Wider distribution may be arranged though other labels and distributors.

    Of course, we will sell the comps in the store and at various local stores, venues and events. The comps may also be used in various promotional giveaways and benefits for and other organizations.

    If you have any further ideas, outlets, etc., don't hesitate to share.

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