I made some large gifs of the CD panels instead. The PDF version seemed to have some problems and isn't as up to date or as easy to update as these are anyway.

Please look through at least your info to make sure all is correct. Design suggestions will be taken too, but we're mainly concerned with getting the info correct and complete. Some of the images may not be so great in this web version - that's mainly cause they aren't really meant for the web.

Panels and parts - click to view the posted panels:
  1. cover panel(in the works)
  2. Silo the Huskie, Pretty Mighty Mighty
  3. The Honeys, Grafton
  4. Jive Turkeys, Lizard
  5. panel- Guinea Worms, A Planet for Texas
  6. The Bygones, The Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party
  7. The Randys, Tim Easton
  8. Manda and the Marbles, Tiara
  9. Media Whores, The Velveteens
  10. Templeton, Bigfoot, Estee Louder
  11. Estee Louder (cont.), Superstar Rookie, Jack Neat
  12. back panel (in the works)
  13. tray card (in the works)
  14. CD face (in the works)
And to make it easy and obvious, here's the track order for the comp:
  1. Silo the Huskie
  2. Pretty Mighty Mighty
  3. The Honey's
  4. Grafton
  5. Jive Turkeys
  6. Lizard
  7. Guinea Worms
  8. A Planet for Texas
  9. The Bygones
  10. The Rancid Yak Butter Tea Party
  11. The Randys
  12. Tim Easton
  13. Manda and the Marbles
  14. Tiara
  15. Media Whores
  16. The Velveteens
  17. Templeton
  18. Bigfoot
  19. Estee Louder
  20. Superstar Rookie
  21. Jack Neat

With Bigfoot and Jack Neat perty much inactive, we kinda shrunk their photos a bit to fit all 21 bands in the layout.

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