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 ISSUE  9.1 WINTER 1999 

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Wanna tell me what's going on with your life? Well, you can, if you want your band and/or musical endeavors written about here. There are three easy ways to get in contact with me:

Pat Dull / 3935 Farm Brook Lane / Columbus OH 43204-5003 / (614) 272-9008 / [email protected]

Tuesday, March 30, 1999

Local label Derailleur Records is very busy of late, what with the recent release of the Velveteens CD, as well as several upcoming discs by other local artists. May 8, 1999, will see the official CD release show at Little Brother's of Famous Past Lives, the second full-length CD by Pretty Mighty Mighty. Trash To Treasure, the debut CD from Templeton will be released May 22, 1999, with a release show that same evening at Little Brother's. In June, Bigfoot will also have a CD released (Dark Old Days) on the label.


Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Ted Hattemer of Moviola dropped us a line and a care package. Moviola just released a new 7" ("Kitchen Waltz Preamble") and their fourth full length is due out any week now. The care package was an advance copy of that full length CD, The Durable Dream. I've given it a few listens and must say I'm perty happy with it. It sounds like they're going in a poppier, janglier, tinklier direction with maybe a few sound and studio ideas from Beck's Mutations.

With its newly updated recording studio, Cowtownsound now offers 1 inch analog, 20-bit ADATs, a hard disk recording system, synchronization of all format at up to 96 tracks at mixdown, dedicated balanced power supply, tracking, mixing, mastering and CD duplication. Custom and full length projects are their specialty. Current projects include The Sean Woosley Band, Poop House Reilly, Joint Project, World Solution, The Traveling Yahoos and some that they "cannot talk about just yet!"

For more information: 888-263-9892 / [email protected]

- Joel


Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Daniel Strohl's e-zine Myopia is now accepting submissions for its next issue and, as he himself states: "no submissions turned away." The current print issue of myopia is out and being circulated around the OWU area; it's more or less a limited version of the online April issue, featuring Harvey Barham's "Beer Belly," B.C. McAnally's "Whatever Happened," details of Evil Fred's "Bloodrazor" and "Embers" and the digital feature. You say you can't pick up a print issue? Then send a SASE to: Myopia print issue, HWCC Box #3296, OWU, Delaware, OH 43015. Send submissions electronically to:

Templeton has an album ready for release, to be called Trash To Treasure on Derailleur Records. A single from the upcoming album ("Football Song") is available for download in MP3 format, at Check it out! A record release party will be held on May 22, 1999, at Little Brother's.

Café Bourbon Street, located at 2216 Summit Street in Columbus, OH, has been hosting rock'n'roll shows for some time now. The small club features an even smaller room than Bernie's Distillery, but makes up for it with an intimacy not to be found elsewhere. This Saturday, March 27, 1999, check out The Pop Quiz and friends at the venue! Call (614) 268-2380 for more info.


Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Here's the local chart action from KBUX:
3/22   3/15   Band:Title(label)
88the Terrifying Experience: Supreme Radial(AAJ)
2727Tobin Sprout: Let's Welcome the Circus People(WigWam)
28-Pop Quiz: GO! (7")(Break-Up!)

They started by giving us the The Creeps. Now Retribution is becoming a regular "label" of sorts. They recently put out an Anti-Racist Action (ARA) compilation with a lot more comps and albums from other bands in the works. They also have a brand spanking new site at

Speaking of ARA, it's time to start thinking about the Anti-Fest. This year it will be May 22 near OSU -- still behind Bernie's I believe. They are still looking for organizations and maybe a few more bands to participate. Contact them as below:

Columbus Anti-Racist Acton
PO Box 82097
Columbus, OH 43202
[email protected]

And speaking of festivals ... 'tis the season to start putting together Cringe's 1999 Fests Calendar. Send any info you have on upcoming local fests, fairs, outdoor shows, etc. to:
133 W. 6th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201

(614) 421-7589
[email protected]

- Joel


Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Local yokel Tim Easton will be appearing at the prestigious South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, this weekend. In case you don't know, the SXSW Fest is a huge gathering of about 400 bands/artist playing at about 40 venues from Thursday, March 18 through Saturday, March 20. Usually showcasing new material from up-and-coming acts, many venues also set aside particular nights to spotlight bands on a given label or artists from a certain country. Many bands are added at the last minute, so a complete listing is nearly impossible, but you can check it out at I've been told that Fastball and Guided By Voices was just added last weekend.


Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Here's who's on the KBUX charts from Ohio:

3/15   3/8   Band: Title (label)
8 30 The Terrifying Experience: Supreme Radial (AAJ)
16 8 New Bomb Turks/Hellacopters: split 7" (Anyway)
22 26Superstar Rookie: Superstar Rookie 7" (Diaphragm)
27 -Tobin Sprout: Let's Welcome the Circus People (WigWam)

And a top add to look for next week:
Pop Quiz: GO! 7" (Break-Up!)

The ska section of Cringe is up ... kinda. We've basically just pulled a few tricks to make it look like Rudegirl77's page is part of Cringe. Now, before ya get started, we did this with her permission. There are plans to move the site on to Cringe once some tech and maintenance issues are under control. Oh, the URL is

By now, I suspect most of you have read, seen or at least heard about the Dan Dougan/Little Brother's article in the current issue of The Other Paper. If not, try to pick it up. It mentions and pulls several quotes from the infamous Cringe message board (I've been thinking of renaming it the "Springer Board"). I believe this is also the first mention of Cringe in The Other Paper.

Oddly enough the first few days following the article, the message board was fairly slow. Even now, the messages are much tamer than normal. Hmm, may be it will finally become a place of useful interaction instead of the hot bed of anonymity, stupidity and profanity it was becoming. Well, I can dream, can't I?

- Joel


Tuesday, March 9, 1999

This coming weekend features a buttload of record release shows in the Columbus area. On Friday, March 12, 1999, Break-Up! Records celebrates the release of the debut seven-inch single by local Who/Jam combo The Pop Quiz. Copies of the release (entitled Go!) will be available at the show, which starts at 9:30 pm at Bernie's Bagels/The Distillery. In addition to The Pop Quiz, Pat Dull & his Media Whores and The Marbles will also be playing.

Also on Friday, March 12, just down the road at Little Brother's, Derailleur Records will be celebrating the release of a CD by The Velveteens (entitled Marveline). This is the band's, as well as the label's, debut release. The show features, in addition to the rocking Velveteens, the talents of Tiara and Templeton.

The very next night, Saturday, March 13, 84 Nash is holding their official record release party at Ruby Tuesday's for their new album, Band For Hire. Also playing on the bill will be the awesome Cusacks and Ashes From Apples.

Columbus' own New Bomb Turks are heading for Australia ... in fact, they are already there! According to singer Eric Davidson, they'll be "down under" in more ways than one, what with all the Fosters Ale a'flowin'. The band will be touring there for 15 shows, from March 9th to March 29th. They may also have time to take in an Australian-rules football game!

In other Turks' news, they've recently recorded a cover of a song by X (an old Australian punk band ... not the American band X) called "Good On Ya Baby." The song is for a split single with The Onyas on an Aussie label, to coincide with the tour. It's quite trashy and fun, with local drummer Bim performing on the sticks due to regular skinman Bill Randt's unavailability for the session.

Further, Reliant Records, a new label run by ex-Au-Go-Go head Bruce Milne, is putting out a new New Bomb Turks singles comp (tentatively titled The Big Combo). It will feature all of the singles (mostly B-sides) released since the last singles comp (Pissing Out The Poison), plus some other odds 'n' ends. Looks like it will have 16 songs in all!

In addition to the above-mentioned record release shows (The Velveteens, 84 Nash, and The Pop Quiz), a few other recent releases have reared their heads. Burn Barrel, which has received much coverage in the local papers as of late, have their debut CD (Reviled!) out now on Tim Easton's Heathen Records label. Heathen Records released Tim Easton's solo CD Special 20 a few months back, and looks perched for more activity in the near future. Burn Barrel is fronted by J.P. Olsen, who once led fantastic local bands The Beetkeepers and Great State of Ohio before he relocated to New York City. Looks like Burn Barrel will be embarking on a short tour in the near future.

Daniel Strohl from the Myopia e-zine has a new e-mail address for you to send submissions... it's [email protected]. Dan also let us know that the SpringFest up in Delaware is not looking so good. Lack of funding is probably gonna push the free concert back to fall. FreeFallFest?


Tuesday, March 9 - Barenaked Ladies
Wednesday, March 10 - Bonnie Raitt
Friday, March 12 - Brandy
Thursday, March 18 - Hootie & the Blowfish

Tuesday, March 9 - Julian Lennon
Friday, March 12 - Chris Isaak
Tuesday, March 16 - Seal

Monday, March 8 - Garth Brooks
Tuesday, March 9 - Jewel

Monday, March 8 - Garth Brooks
Tuesday, March 11 - Vic Chesnutt and Lambchop
Wednesday, March 17 - The Chieftains
Friday, March 19 - Steve Earle & The Del McCoury Band

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Yet another release show this weekend ... Fenster's CD release party is Saturday, March 13
Little Brother's with Triggahappy and Platypus.

Andy & Pat's Rock Fest LIVE with Special Guests The Mulchmen!

This very special 6-hour LIVE television extravaganza marks the return of Andy & Pat's Groovy Cosmic Love Hour to the cablewaves of Dayton, Ohio, featuring live music, viewer call-in participation, CD giveaways, rare music videos, on-air interviews with special guests and much more! The program can be seen on MVCC/Media One Ch. 23 and DATV Ch.20 starting at 8:00PM on SATURDAY, MARCH 13th. (starting time is 9pm on Media One north of town).

Special feature will be Live On-Air performances by Dayton's own premier instrumental rock outfit The Mulchmen, who will be serving as the house band. The multi-talented singer/songwriter (and Mulchmen drummer) Gregg Spence will also be performing a set of his own original works.

Numerous rare and never-before-seen videos and taped live performances by other great Dayton-based talent will also be featured, including that of Cage, Guided By Voices and Real Lulu. Real Lulu will be debuting their new video "Chief", filmed and directed by acclaimed Dayton filmmaker Steven Bognar (Personal Belongings, Emma & Elvis). Other highlights will included films and videos from such bands as Chicago's New Duncan Imperials and Los Angeles' Electric Ferrets. There will also be rare commercial releases by stellar national (Devo, The Pixies) and international acts (The Stranglers, Queen).

For more information, see Big Beef Productions website at, or contact Andy Valeri at (937) 258-1124 or via email at [email protected]. Andy Valeri can also be contacted at The Miami Valley Cable Council at (937) 438-8887.

Here's what was up with OSU's student emissions last week ... KBUX radio, that is.
3) New Bomb Turks/the Hellacopters: 7" (Anyway)
23) Doug Gillard: Malamute Jute EP (Cushion)
24) Silo the Huskie: Silo the Huskie (Half Life)
26) Superstar Rookie: Superstar Rookie 7" (Diaphragm)

And adds to look out for next time:
2) The Terrifying Experience Supreme Radial (AAJ)

Some of you may have noticed some strange, locations in your browsers when on Cringe -- and even worse problems on Sunday and Monday. Those problems were with The problem has since been fixed and perty much eliminated.

Oh, mPULSE is a new, still-in-testing site that charts "indie" music site activity. Cringe was at 14 as of Monday, and that's after only six days of what looks like a 7 day average. In other words, I expect Cringe will probably get a bit higher, especially as more Cringe resident sites are brought into the fold. Thanks for visiting everyone!

- Joel


Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Local Columbusites Silo the Huskie and The Pop Quiz will be going on a mini-Ohio tour this weekend. On Thursday, March 4, they be at the Rusty Nail in Lima (with Blatant Finger); Friday, March 5, at the Varsity Club in Kenton (with The Velveteens); Saturday, March 6, at Signatures in Toledo (with One Thin Dime). You can write [email protected] for directions to any of these shows.

Orchestraville will also be on the road in the near future. On March 12, 1999, they'll be at The Union in Athens, Ohio (with Enon, featuring John Schmerzel, formerly of Brainiac). On March 19, 1999, catch them at The Fez in New York City (with Townies). On March 20, 1999, they'll be somewhere in Virginia. On April 2, 1999, they're at the Casa Cantina, in Athens, Ohio (with Townies). On April 8, 1999, they are as-yet unconfirmed, but hope to be at The Distillery, Columbus, Ohio (with Babe the Blue Ox).

In other news, Orchestraville continues recording the follow-up to their debut album. New songs in the set list include "The Midnight Ship," "Hard Work's Ghost," and two as-yet untitled songs. The debut CD is available for $10. Send cash, check or money order made out to Chris Forbes to: Orchestraville, PO Box 10766, Columbus, Ohio 43201. For more information, contact [email protected].

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, March 2 (tonight!) it's 84 Nash, The Cusacks, and Junior Electric. Wednesday, March 3 you'll find Big Ass Yard Sale, Thumbtack, and Heidi Lux. Thursday, March 4 there's an ARA Benefit Concert with Sovines and 13 O'Clock. Friday, March 5 Burnt Sienna Records presents The Staggers, Slak, Spider Frendz, and Planet For Texas. Saturday, March 6 features the big big Shindig and Blatant Finger. Sunday, March 7 is DJ Saffaro. Monday, March 1, it's Vthee Michelle Gun Elephant (Japan) with Staggers, and Spider Frendz. Tuesday, March 9, 1999, it's Gravy.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! Tuesday, March 2 is Porterhouse. Wednesday, March 3 it's Lordburger and Sinister. Thursday, March 4 there's the intriguing Dr. Danga Grimaldi's Exhibition Fantastique. Friday, March 5 it's (EARLY SHOW- 7:30pm) Don Walser and (LATE SHOW) Johnny Socko with The Delroys. Saturday, March 6 it's the fabulous Watershed. Sunday, March 7 is the return of Superchunk and Log. Monday, March 8, it's Hard Black Thing with Jim Stone and the Funky Punch. Tuesday, March 9 it's Enon with The Cranium and Guinea Worms.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Monday, March 1 Dick's Den hosted a memorial show for Circus of Cool ring master Don "the Pope" Pavelcik. Don died Thursday after a year of fighting cancer. Many of you probably remember Don from just about any area show involving jazz and poetry. He commonly organized these shows, read his own poetry and encouraged the audience to join in. He was also a major force behind the beer tents and jazz at ComFest. Don's gracious contributions to the local music and arts community will be missed, but not forgotten.

Columbus Alive and CD 101 are putting together a guide full of local music contacts and info not unlike the Cringe Directories. See the next issue of Columbus Alive for more info.

Here's a bit of a message from a new music-based web site sent to Cringe last week:

Greetings from mPULSE. My name is Martin Reidy and I'm President and CEO of mPULSE. Formerly, I was Senior Vice-President of EMI Music Worldwide (Capitol Records/ Virgin Records).

mPULSE is a newly launched music web portal which tracks and charts the most popular sites; bands; and songs on the internet. Think of it as the interactive equivalent of Billboard meets MTV. This is the only system for showcasing all web-based activity. While we are currently working with several major music labels, we are interested in getting as many independent labels, music sites, and artists involved as possible.

- Joel


Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Tiara has a fairly new split single out with Silver Scooter available on Voice of the Sky records. They also have just finished recording a song for a Japanese compilation CD on Trolley Bus Records (out of Tokyo) due out in early summer. Further, they have also finished some recordings for their next album, "if they could only find some nice person to release them." They are going to be doing some shows with Silver Scooter at the end of March (including a Columbus show), and then they are headed down to play the Austin Pop Fest April 8th-11th. For more info you can write to Brian at: [email protected].

Big Beef Records has announced that Real Lulu spent the better part of last week back in the studio laying down more new tracks for their current recording project, with a planned commercial release by the end of this year. The songs consist of as-yet unrecorded live favorites, as well as some brand new songs. Stay tuned to the Big Beef/Real Lulu website for further details.

Here are some of the "rock happenings" on the boob tube in the coming weeks!

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, February 23 (tonight!) it's JP Olsen, Tim Easton, and Justin (from The Jive Turkeys).. Wednesday, February 24 you'll find Delicious. Thursday, February 25 there's Billy Jack and Salthorse. Friday, February 26 it's Jive Turkeys, Silo The Huskie, and the Velveteens, with the Jim Beam girls live serving $2.00 shots of Jim Beam from 9:00 PM TO 11:00 PM. Saturday, February 27 features the big big Log CD Release Party, with Ass Ponys and Dave Spalding (from Pell Mell). Sunday, February 28 is DJ Saffaro. Monday, March 1, it's Neckbones, Bantom Rooster, and Geraldine.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Tuesday, February 23 is Lucid's Dream. Wednesday, February 24 it's Sunbelly, BMH, and Heidi Lox. Thursday, February 25 there's Of a Revolution. Friday, February 26 it's The Haynes Boys, with Burnbarrel (featuring JP Olsen) and the return of Feversmile. Saturday, February 27 it's the fabulous Mudhoney, with Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and Cheater Slicks. Sunday, February 28 is The Wahoos, Broken Circle, and Blatant Finger. Tuesday, March 2 it's Porterhouse.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Dayton band robthebank, after playing a handful of shows at Little Brother's and Bernie's in the last couple of months or so have just released a 7" on Ambergris Records. Contact Jason Brezina ([email protected]) for ordering info.

- Dan Piercy


Tuesday, February 16, 1999

The number one add this week on OSU's KBUX radio station is the New Bomb Turks / Hellacopters seven-inch single on Anyway Records. Meanwhile, Log's Auto Fire Life (Old 3C) rises to #21, while the Bassholes fall to #23 and Bigfoot dips to #27.

News flash! On Thursday, February 11, 1999, at 1:02 am, Columbus band Silo the Huskie updates its website! The url is, so check it when you can! Coming soon: sound bytes, credit card purchases, FAQ, and bass-slapping Pete in the buff!

Dan Strohl has updated his myopia site, and is accepting submissions for the on-line e-zine now. Myopia can be found at

Tom Cline from the band Cringe has informed the e-zine Cringe that they have a 3 song demo CD (No More Silence) that will be available at all of their upcoming shows. Cringe the band will be playing February 19th at The Alrosa (with MonkeyNut), February 20th at Newport (with Victim), and February 26th at The Alrosa (with Victim).

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, February 16 (tonight!) it's Knee Jerk Reaction and Lucid's Dream. Wednesday, February 17 you'll find JON CHINN'S ROCK STARS PUTTING IT BACK IN THEIR PANTS IV featuring (solo unplugged) Josh (Velveteens), Amy (Velveteens), Christian (Templeton), Emily (Templeton), Bryan (Templeton), Jon Chinn (PMM), Brad (Bigfoot), Dave (Bigfoot) and others. Thursday, February 18 there's Poem Rocket, Sheila Divine, and Tiara. Friday, February 19 it's Puller, Made To Fade, and Our Flesh Party. Saturday, February 20 features the big big Corvairs, Gone Daddy Finch, Missing Girls, and Kill The Hippies. Sunday, February 21 is DJ Saffaro. Monday, February 22, it's House Boy (formerly Boweevils), Midway, and The Nerd Herd. Tuesday, February 16, there's JP Olsen, Tim Easton, and Justin (from The Jive Turkeys).

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Tuesday, February 16 is Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Party with Chief Johnny Lonesome and the Mound Street Stompers. Wednesday, February 17 it's Jerkwater Jive. Thursday, February 18 there's the roots rockabilly sound of Dave Alvin, with The Riptones. Friday, February 19 it's the cowpunk rock of The Cowslingers. Saturday, February 20 it's the fabulous Johnson Brothers.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later! - pat dull


Tuesday, February 9, 1999

This week, on KBUX (Ohio State University's college radio station), the Bassholes fall from the top spot to #2 with when my blue moon turns red again (In the Red Records), while Moviola's latest 7-incher Kitchen Waltz Preamble (Kim Will Kill Me Records) slips to #9. Finally, rising to #5 for the week is Bigfoot with their !@#$ed In The Head 7" on the local Seldom Scene label.

On Saturday, February 12, 1999, Chelsie's is hosting the 3rd annual Stones-a-thon, which is a benefit for the Columbus Faith Mission. Each year, bands rehearse their best Keith Richards licks for a few practices, and come out to play a Stones song (or three) for charity. This year, about 15 bands will be performing in a quick-change operation designed for maximum rock. Some of the bands playing this year are Go Robot, Go!, Silo the Huskie, Pat Dull and his Media Whores, Mullins Band, The Vague, Ma Rainy, Smash, Mescolito, Uncle Sam's Dream Machine, Just Orange, and more ...

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, February 9 (tonight!) it's Workhorse, Plastique, and Delicious. Wednesday, February 10 you'll find Junior Electric and Ice Cream Phoenix. Thursday, February 11 there's Rustic Bucket and Gait. Friday, February 12 it's NYMB, Pretty Mighty Mighty, and Mach Blue Jay. Saturday, February 13 features big big The Blacks, The Wahoos, and Sovines. Sunday, February 14 is DJ Saffaro. Monday, February 15, it's Ace And The Rangers and Peachbones. Tuesday, February 16, there's Knee Jerk Reaction and Lucid's Dream.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Wednesday, February 10 it's Skavoovie and the Epitones. Thursday, February 11 there's the zydeco sounds of Terrance Simien. Friday, February 12 it's the rock of Bob City and Rob the Bank. Saturday, February 13 it's another Derailleur Records Night with Jive Turkeys, Velveteens, Jupiter Down, and Jay Albert & the Living Wreck. Sunday, February 14 is Kelly Delavaris and Brasileira. Tuesday, February 16 is Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Party with Chief Johnny Lonesome and the Mound Street Stompers.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Sunbelly, the Gnats and Gingley JoH are playing a Little Brother's on Monday, February 15. So what's so special about that? To use their words: "We know Mondays suck but hey we don't and ya get a free CD." That's right, the first 25 people through the door get a free Sunbelly CD. Heck, I might even make it out early on a Monday fer that.

I suspect many of you overlooked the previous mention of this, so I'll get to the point. An open stage rehearsal space is set up as part of the current Wexner Center exhibit. The "rehearsal studio" is equipped with guitars and drums that visitors are encouraged to play. Another part of this Rirkrit Tiravanija exhibit includes a makeshift kitchen environment where Thai curry will be cooked on-site. Free admission passes are available for musicians and bands from the Wexner Center Ticket Office/Information Desk (292-3535). Musicians are especially encouraged to play during the curry meals. More details:

Dates: January 30-April 18, 1999

Gallery hours:
10 am-6 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
10 am-9 pm Thursdays
12 nn-6 pm Sundays

Curry times:
6 pm Thursdays
12 n Fridays
1 pm Sundays

Rehearsal studio: Open for informal jamming during all gallery hours. Visitors may use only the instruments and equipment provided. Volume goes up at 4 pm.

- Joel


Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Paul Nini, of long-standing local band Log, has informed Cringe that the band has a new CD out (called Auto Fire Life), which is available on their own Old 3C label. It can currently be found locally at Used Kids Records. Local radio stations KBUX, CD101, and WCBE also have copies of the CD, so feel free to request that they play some of it for you. Log will be hosting a record release show on Saturday, February 27 at Bernie's Distillery, with Dave Spalding (of Matador artists Pell Mell) plus other out-of-town special guests to be named at a later date. Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for other Old 3C releases down the line, including (possibly) a Great Plains 2-CD retrospective, and God knows what else.

Columbus' Bassholes latest effort (when my blue moon turns red again) retains the top slot on KBUX's playlist this week, with the excellent new Moviola single (Kitchen Waltz Preamble ) rising fast at #3. Bigfoot's !@#$ed In the Head 7-incher (Seldom Scene Records) is at #5.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, February 2(tonight!) it's Likehell and The Staggers. Wednesday, February 3 you'll find the legendary Tav Falco & The Panther Burns with the Cheater Slicks. Thursday, February 4 there's the Burnt Sienna Records Returns Showcase I with Whiteouts, A Planet For Texas, and Spider Frenz. Friday, February 5 it's the Duvalby Brothers, with Them Wranch and Satan's Satellites. Saturday, February 6 features big big Triggahappy and The Delroys. Sunday, February 7 is DJ Jordan (from Fresno, CA). Monday, February 8, it's the Hang Ups and Bubba Ho-Tep. Tuesday, February 9, there's Workhorse, Plastique, and Delicious.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Wednesday, February 3 it's BR5-49 and the Roundhead Ranglers. Thursday, February 4 there's Gait, Knee Jerk Reaction, and Ice Cream Phoenix. Friday, February 5 it's Superstar Rookie, Silo the Huskie, and Pat Dull and his Media Whores. Saturday, February 6 it's Our Flesh Party, 60 Second Crush, Salthorse, and We Levitate. Sunday, February 7 is the Short North Folk Sampler with Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain (EARLY SHOW- 4pm) and Blue (LATE SHOW - 10pm) Tuesday, February 9 is Pitch Tent Carnival.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

This last weekend turned into a sort of "new things from the past" for me. First, Earwig did their first show in over a year on Friday. The crowd was large and appreciative. The band was rusty, but still the band I went to see. They also played quite a bit of material I didn't quite recognize. I guess that's a hint that a new CD really is in the works. They do plan playing out a bit more regularly now that they're all back in town, so be on the look-out

Then, Saturday started with an old familiar name -- Rustic Bucket. Not too long ago they played under the name Super Model for a bit. Then they lost their drummer to Watershed. Now they're back with a new drummer. Filling in nicely, thank you.

But the big surprise of the night, weekend, month, year... was the last band of the night -- Cincinnati's Ruby Vileos. Ruby was billed as including members of the Assponys. What wasn't mentioned is that they were fronted by the vocalist of the long defunct Snaggletooth (not Snagglepuss). From the few of you who may remember, something like 4 years ago Snaggletooth was kinda Bjork/Sugarcubes with a heavier guitar/metal musical edge. Ruby retains the beautiful, intriguing, other-worldly vocals, while trading in most of the heavy musical edges for more open, resonant, delicate arrangements. It's another new favorite for me ... and this was just their first show!

- Joel


Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Much local music can be heard on Ohio State University's college radio station (KBUX), according to their most recent playlist. At the #1 spot, the Bassholes rip it up with when my blue moon turns red again, on In the Red Records. Zipping up to the #7 slot is Moviola, with their latest 7-incher Kitchen Waltz Preamble on Kim Will Kill Me Records. Finally, the #1 add for the week is Bigfoot with their !@#$ed In The Head 7" on the local Seldom Scene label.

Columbus' own Pat Dull and his Media Whores have blasted through their recording session at Diamond Mine Recording Studio, and are preparing for a CD release on Break-Up! Records. In the meantime, the Whores will be passing out sampler tapes at their live shows. The band is playing every weekend in February, with two especially big shows being at Ohio Wesleyan University (Saturday Feb 13) and at The Ohio State University Union (Friday Feb 26). Also, the Whores have a website at, featuring photos, reviews, and other related items... Check 'em out!

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, January 26 (tonight!) it's Staggers, Junior Electric, and The Missing Girls. Wednesday, January 27 you'll find Fenster and Sister Flow. Thursday, January 28 there's Simon & The Bar Sinisters, Cheatin' Dogs, and the Original Onions. Friday, January 29 it's the return of Earwig, with Flipping Hades and Jive Turkeys. Saturday, January 30 features big big Throneberry and The Starlings (featuring members of Ass Ponys). Sunday, January 31 is DJ Safarro. Monday, February 1, it's Planet Melvin with Colin Gawel (from Watershed). Tuesday, February 2, there's Likehell and The Staggers.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! On Tuesday, January 26 (tonight!) it's the Pat McGee Band with Domestic Problems. Wednesday, January 27 it's I Have Mass, The Coreys, and Beth Yellowdog. Thursday, January 28 there's Fred Eaglesmith with The Wahoos. Friday, January 29 it's Cleopatra Grip. Sunday, January 31 has the alterna-Beatles sounds of Sloan, with Deadly Snakes and '84 Nash.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

What's That Noise I Hear?
Kid Marine, the 3rd solo album by Bob Pollard (GbV) is slated for release this week on the Rockathon label. This album of all new material was recorded at Cro-Magnon studios in Dayton, Ohio with help from Greg Demos and Jim Macpherson. The album is available on CD and vinyl, check here for ordering info:

- dAnP

It's been several months in the making -- the first "scene-oriented" resident on Cringe. Sugarfoot ( focuses on Columbus-based swing music and dance. Look for other scene sections in the near future. Better yet, if ya have an idea for a section -- especially if you can help put it together -- please contact Cringe.

For anyone interested in helping out with or learning more about Cringe, there will be a meeting this Tuesday, January 26 at 7pm at the OSU Campus Donato's. Bring any ideas, questions, recordings, reviews, etc. with you. Oh, free pizza and drink on Cringe's tab.

Cringe Meeting
Tuesday, January 26 at 7pm
Campus Donato's - 2084 N. High St.
Free pizza and drink on Cringe
- Joel


Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Argentinean-born artist Rirkrit Tiravanija has constructed an art exhibit where you can eat Thai curry, form a rock 'n' roll band, and even make your own art. Tiravanija, a New York- and Berlin-based conceptual artist of Thai descent, is known for creating environments and installations in which visitors are not just viewers but artistic collaborators who eat, work, rest, play, and entertain each other in the galleries. For Tiravanija, the people who use his work are his defining medium, and they are what keeps his art in unpredictable motion. The audience-driven exhibit, entitled Untitled 1999 (reading from right to left) runs from January 30 - April 18, 1999 at OSU's Wexner Center. Gallery hours: 10 am - 6 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays; 10 am - 9 pm on Thursdays; and 12 noon - 6 pm on Sundays. Curry times: Thursdays at 6 pm; Fridays at 12 noon; and Sundays at 1 pm. Rehearsal studio: Open for informal jamming during all gallery hours. Visitors may use only the instruments and equipment provided. Volume goes up at 4 pm. Guided tours: Sundays at 1 pm beginning February 14. Free with gallery admission. Admission: $3 for adults; $2 for students, senior citizens, and groups; free to Wexner Center members, Ohio State students, faculty, and staff, and children under 12. Free to all on Thursday evenings from 5 to 9 pm.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, January 19 (tonight!) it's Number One Cup, Tiara, and Superstar Rookie. Wednesday, January 20 you'll find Jerk Water Jive, Van Stucco, and Blatant Finger. Thursday, January 21 there's Appalachian Death Ride, Pretty Mighty Mighty, and Mohio. Friday, January 22 it's the Haynes Boys, Heevahava, and Peach Bones. Saturday, January 23 features big big Templeton and The Deal, with K-Pilots. Sunday, January 10 is DJ Safarro. Monday, January 25, it's Midway and Rod (both with recent CDs out on Community Projects). Tuesday, January 26, there's Staggers and The Missing Girls.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brothers! On Wednesday, January 20 there's Acoustic Junction. Thursday, January 21 there's A Planet for Texas, with The Deal and Lyin' Ass. Friday, January 22, it's Terry Davidson and the Gears. Saturday, January 23 is the triple whammy of Them Wranch, Wolverton Brothers, and Downside Special.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

The Clintonville Community Market (200 Crestview, 261-3663) is experimenting with monthly free video night. Expect anything from Japanese cooking shows to San Francisco robot battles to illegal video tours of Columbus ...

The trial run is this Saturday, January 23 at 9pm featuring Sonic Outlaws:

"Craig Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws is much more than the story of Negativland's troubles with U2 and Island Records. It's an informal history of 'culture jamming' ... the film runs at blurry speed through a veritable police line-up of 'sonic outlaws,' including Negativland, the Tape-beatles, Doug Kahn, John Oswald, and the Emergency Broadcast Network, all of whom share the goal ... to 'turn the [media] barrage back on itself.'" - Godfrey Daniels

Local samplers, the Evolution Control Committee, add that this is literally the only documentary made that investigates these unique explorers of sample-based music and that this is only the second time it has been shown in Columbus. I saw that first showing at the Wexner Center many many months ago and would recommend it to anyone interested in any kind of music and related rights, censorships and laws.

The Northberg Tavern (2084 N.High St) is proud to announce their one-year anniversary. For decades the Northberg Tavern was one of the OSU campus area hot spots. Tragically in the early 1990's, a fire literally destroyed the Northberg. For much of this decade the Northberg Tavern has laid dormant. Finally, after many months of restoration, the Northberg reopened its doors on January 22, 1998.

One of the main goals of the Northberg is to support the Columbus music scene. Since reopening, the Northberg has featured great local bands as well as regional acts from Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Indianapolis. This Friday, January 22, 1999, the Northberg Tavern will be hosting their one-year anniversary party. Friday's events will include Q-FM-96's one and only Joe Show as emcee, live entertainment from Peoples Popular Music Front, Leeward Terrace, and Switch. The Northberg would like to thank the community for helping their first year back in business become a great success by offering tons of great drink specials throughout the evening. 16oz Miller Lite Fat Boys for $1.50, Long Island pints for $2.75, $1.00 shot specials, $1.75 Firewater test tubes. Additionally, the first 96 people through the door will receive a FREE 7" single topping pizza courtesy of Q-FM-96 and Donato's Pizza. Sponsored by Q-FM-96, Miller Lite, the Central Beverage Group and Donato's Pizza.

For further information call:
Tony Federer or Russ Crane
- Joel


Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Tony Painter, mastermind behind local record label Burnt Sienna, is set to blitz several 7-inch singles and a CD compilation on the unsuspecting local music scene. On March 4, 1999, the label plans on unleashing Fric System II, a four band 7-inch comp featuring The Staggers, Planet For Texas, Spider Frendz, and The Whiteouts. On March 5, 1999, a 7-inch split single of Them Wranch and Bob City will rear its rocking head. Of course, all dates are subject to change! Later on, there's talk of a full length CD tentatively titled Five Years of BS. It'll feature unreleased tracks from new and old Burnt Sienna bands including Econothugs, Clay, Them Wranch, Bob City, and Pet UFO.

It's been a busy season for Orchestraville, as they've been in the studio working late on the follow-up to their 1998 debut. In addition, Orchestraville will appear on an upcoming Robyn Hitchcock tribute CD (Glass Flesh), contributing an electric version of Robyn's acoustic "The Executioner." The CD should be out by spring.

In other news, individual members of the band are engaging in various side projects. Chris will be appearing on the upcoming Lisa Suckdog CD, and Keith has joined spy-rockers The Original Onions, replacing their old drummer this past fall. Check out the band's web-style at There are lots of audio samples, and new songs will be made available as they are finished.

Check out Eric Davidson's article in last week's Other Paper for the lowdown on Ohio State University's radio station KBUX. It's a good history of the trials and tribulations of the underfunded college radio station. This week, KBUX's playlist features Ohio's (Athens?) The Insect at #13 with their blast of garage-rock called The Detroit Sessions on 360 Twist Records. Interesting, former Dead Kennedys' lead singer Jello Biafra is also on the list (at #18) with his fifth spoken-word opus (a three-disc set!) called If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve (Alternative Tentacles).

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, January 12 (tonight!), it's Blue Ontario, Carma Obscura, and Betaroric. Wednesday, January 13 you'll find Nation Of Fear (featuring Oliva Newton Bundy, ex-Marilyn Manson) and local Blue Cheer rockers Lordburger. Thursday, January 14 there's Oxes, Tiara, and Our Flesh Party. Friday, January 15 it's another Derailleur Records Night with the Jive Turkeys, the Velveteens, Cats and Jammers and Joel Treadway (Yes, that's me. - Joel). Saturday, January 16 features big big Superstar Rookie, Blatant Finger, and A Planet For Texas. Sunday, January 17 is Parallel Parameters, Aperiodic, and the hilariously-named Guitarded. Monday, January 18 it's Seventh Plauque. Tuesday, January 19 it's Number One Cup, Tiara, and Superstar Rookie.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Tuesday, January 12 (tonight!), it's Blue and Attica Café. Wednesday, January 13 there's Gait, Pitch Tent Carnival. Thursday, January 14 there's the Fat City and O.A.R. Friday, January 15 presented Night of the Animals III with Silo the Huskie, Salthorse, and Platypus. Saturday, January 16 features the Johnson Brothers. Sunday, January 17 is Bubba Ho-Tep.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Chaos Theory has disbanded but have formed a new band called Fetch.

Free Willy 3 has cancelled its show at Woody's on Friday, January 15, 1999. But the OSU Student radio station, KBUX/the Underground, has several other shows scheduled at Woody's this quarter:

January 28 Tim Easton
February 6 Aspera Ad Astra w/ Tiara
February 13 Moviola
February 26 Paranoid Lovesick

Eternity's Jest Records wrote to let us know both Quarkspace's and National Steam's 1998 CD releases made the "prestigious" Gagliarchives Top 100 Progressive albums of 1998 list National Steam's debut release made #46; Quarkspace's Live Orion made #53.

Dan Tackett, the announcer/manager/business partner of Wolfgang Parker, was attacked by two people after a Wolfgang Parker show on Saturday. His jaw was broken in four places. Please see for more information.

Flowers can be sent to:
Daniel Tackett
11th Floor
The Ohio State University
Medical Center
450 West Tenth Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

In keeping with the Cringe submission tradition, the deadline for the next issue has been extended to January 15, 1999.

- Joel


Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Although this has nothing to do with local music, it's too good to pass up mentioning. During the time slot after the Conan O'Brien show (a slot usually reserved for a show called "Later"), NBC is showing old repeats of the classic Second City Television (SCTV) program. For those unfamiliar with Second City, it's a comedy troupe that has origins in Canada, and was the breeding ground for such comedians as John Candy, Gilda Radner, Rick Moranis, and many others. Their 1980's television show was basically a parody of a small-potatoes television network and the programs that it aired. The repeats will be broadcast from 1:35 am to 2:05 am all the month of January.

It's a big week o' rock at Bernie's Distillery! This Tuesday, January 5 (tonight!), it's Salthorse and Lauren Hospital. Wednesday, January 6 you'll find Bubba Ho-Tep and The Missing Girls. Thursday, January 7 there's Johnny Smoke with Guinea Worms and Big Marauder. Friday, January 8 it's the Bernie's Benefit Bash with Pat Dull and his Media Whores and the tall-walkin' Billy Jack. Saturday, January 9 features big big Orchestraville and the Townies. Sunday, January 10 is DJ Safarro. Tuesday, January 12 it's Blue Ontario, Carma Obscura, and Betaroric.

It's also a big week o' rock at Little Brother's! On Tuesday, January 5 (tonight!), it's Lucid's Dream. Wednesday, January 6 there's Zachary Walker. Wednesday, January 7 gives us Jerkwater Jive. Thursday, January 7 there's the 3rd Annual Elvis-a-thon, with many of yer favorite local bands belting out yer favorite covers by the King. Saturday, January 9 is Derailleur Records Night with Bigfoot, The Velveteens, Templeton, and Rob the Bank. Sunday, January 10 is Anger Nation. Tuesday, January 12 it's Blue and Attica Café.

Welp, that's about it for this week! See you later!

- pat dull

Well, I heard the rumors, but it looks like it's official. It's 1999. No, that's not it. It looks like Howlin' Maggie is no more. I didn't believe it when I read, but Ishkabibble has disbanded also. Others on the 1998 disbanded list that come to mind include Big Back 40, Bush League All-Stars, Cali Swain, Dogrocket, F**bomb, Girl Drink Drunk, Lazy, Moody Jackson, Snotlocker and Swivelarm Battlegrip.

Speaking of bands gone by, Burnt Sienna is looking to make a little noise again, starting with a series of 7" EPs and a compilation CD. For the more nostalgic think Clay, the Econothugs and My White Bread Mom. For the less nostalgic, think Staggers, Them Wranch and Bob City.

On the organization front, David Hooper of Kathode Ray Music left town after several years of being based in Columbus.

In keeping with the Cringe submission tradition, the deadline for the next issue has been extended to January 15, 1999.

- Joel


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