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Pat Dull and His Media Whores Suck Up
by Audrey Heartburn

      In a shameless attempt to suck up to pop music critics everywhere, in January 1999, Pat Dull and His Media Whores debuted a new web site:

      The site contains aggrandizing reviews of the self-described pop rock band, upcoming shows, notes and news, and links to some of their favorite sites.

        The site is hosted in part by the local music yellow journalist organization Cringe. The Cringe webmaster justifies hosting such a band by stating, "The purist form of promotion is self-promotion. At least then you know where it's coming from and the potential biases. In other words, I support self-promotion, as long as it is open, honest and shameless."
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  • Street Beat
    by Abdul Pathi

          Shows, shindigs and sock hops are where it's at. Spiff it up a bit with ear to the ground news and updates and you will always know what's going down, daddy-o.

          Pat Dull and his irrepressibly whorish media darlings continue to host if not actually perform at the series of 3-band POPfests the last Saturday of every month at the Northberg Tavern (downstairs Donatos).

          The band's Gimme the Whores CD on Dull's own power pop punk label, Break-Up! Records, is in the final stages of completion. It will be available to the masses in April of 1999! Don't miss the CD Release Party! See show dates for details!

    Thursday, April 15
    The Revelers and Mt. McKinleys
    Bernie's Distillery

    Saturday, May 1
    Silo the Huskie
    High 5

    Saturday, May 8
    Pat Dull's Birthday - New Wave/Skinny Tie Rock Experience
    Pop Quiz, the Original Onions
    High 5

    Saturday, May 29
    Whores Record Release party
    Bernie's Distillery

          Pat Dull's Birthday is May 8th! In Celebration, the Whores will be holding a "New Wave/Skinny Tie Rock Experience" party for him on the 8th of May at the High-5 on Hight and 5th, duh! The only "presence" required is yours! Lots of local faves doing nothing but obsolete late '70s early 80's vinyl pop from Pat's glory days! See the Pop Quiz do Elvis Costello! See the Onions do Devo! See the Whores do the Knack! and many more in the same vain! You win!

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    Break-Up! Records
    Chad's Music Pages
    Columbus Alive
    Little Brothers
    Bernie's/the Distillery
    The Northberg Tavern
    New Bomb Turks
    The Revelers

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          Break-Up! Records
          P.O. Box 15372
          Columbus, OH 43215

      Schmooze Reviews
    by Ronna Deed

          Mass media, it's a wonderful thing about life in this day and age. Let's not even talk about the Web. Just in case you have managed to escape the sensationalistic coverage of Pat Dull and the Media Whores, below is a quick review in reviews. By the way, my estate and I would like to personally thank Mr. Dull for the resurgence ... and wine.

    Amplifier Magazine
    October 1998

          ... Mr. Pat Dull made both a wise band move and a wise label choice by birthing this smokin' EP upon the 45-spinning minions. You've got your opening and closing rockers, "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Love and rocknroll and how they relate", brimming with Cheap Trick catchiness and punk energy. And you've go the break-yer-heart power ballads "Robyn" and "Goodbye and Goodluck" complete with proper backing vocal harmonization. If you like your pop sweaty, loud, unpretentious and fun, there's no better place to start than here. Rock and Roll! - Jason Litchfield

    Eye Deal Magazine
    November 1998 (ED14)

          Like 70's style power pop from the Heartland. Four Cheap Trick inspired songs with titles like "Yeah Yeah Yeah". The dudes even look like working stiffs on a Thursday happy hour. Except, that is, for the androngenous bass player. This mixed breed looked like the "IT" chained to Lou Reed during the mid 70's. All four songs are solid and the mid tempo "Robyn" shows how sensitive these guys can be. This label also has some of the coolest packaging and comes with a must-read anti-Jazz comic strip. - Chris Larry

    October 1998

          Pat Dull's boys from Columbus, Ohio, have pushed the button on the way back machine to that post-hippie/pre-punk era in the early '70's ... Being midwesterners, the Whores wallow in the aroma of Cheap Trick during its club days. As Dull likes to put it, "It may be power pop, but the emphasis is on power." - Jud Cost

    Mutant Pop
    October 1998

          Pat Dull is the guy behind Break-Up! records, one of the up and coming labels in the pop punk underground. Power pop is his thang, Cheap Trick are his gods, and this is his band. Four excellent tracks here that are, like the accompanying button says, "Pop as Fuck." Damn, I wish I'd thought of that slogan. Anyhow, this is a really cool dose of Plimsouls inspired power pop and ya need a copy so order one of these babies if you haven't already!

    Now Wave
    October 1998

          ... These Ohio boys know what's up! This record sounds like it was recorded in 1979, during the glory period of skinny tie power pop. It's sweet, mellow, and melodious, yet the guitars carry that crucial crunch similar to that of your first bite of breakfast cereal. In this case, it's sugar coated. Hooks galore! Harmonies! Swank lead guitar work! Damn, "Robyn" is a great song! Only a great pop band can take a lyric like "Ba ba ba ba b'ba" and make it sound like the work of a genius ... Viv la revolution de power-pop!

    Punk Planet
    October 1998

          The back of this single reads, "Dedicated to the continuing social significance of Cheap Trick." Well, they hit it on the head because even before I flipped over the single and was already humming to "Yeah Yeah Yeah" (the first track) I was thinking Cheap Trick. Congratulations. Four songs that all deserve to give this and A+ in my book. Well-crafted, formulated pop songs in the traditional pop sense ... The whole world could take a lesson from Pat Dull and listen to more good music. I will leave you with a great line that sums it all up from their song "Love and rocknroll and how they relate" - it goes: "Trying to find the words for this song, about me and you and our first date: Love and rocknroll and how they relate". Classic, and I have been there. - EA

    Yeah Yeah Yeah Magazine
    October 1998

          We should all chip in and get Mr. Pat Dull a big plaque or award for being so indebted to the art of the 7-inch single/EP. This 4-song piece of vinyl sports a song called "Yeah Yeah Yeah" replete with great hooks and a spirited pop punk performance. The remaining tracks are all cut from solid power pop cloth. The EP is dedicated to "the continuing social significance of Cheap Trick". Now how can you argue with that?

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