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Dog Days
 ISSUE  8.3 SUMMER 1998 

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Notes & News

Fall Bash for Charity is Tonight!!!!!
Just a reminder to all citizens of the planet Earth. Tonight is the First Annual Fall Bash for Charity at the North Berg Tavern. CD101 is sponsoring the show and will be giving out tickets to the Tragically Hip and Dada concerts. In addition, CD101 and Donatos are giving away a FREE 7" pizza to the first 101 people in the door. There will be plenty of other gifts and prizes given out during the evening. The North berg will be collecting canned goods and other non-perishables for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Bring in a canned good and receive $1.00 off the cover charge. There will be 3 musical acts. Swabby will open the show followed by Leeward Terrace and Sugar Pill will round out the evening. Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sept 24, 1998)

Circus of Cool
The Circus of Cool returns. A performance is scheduled at Dick's Den for Thursday, October 29th at 9:30 p.m. The cover charge is $3.00 at the door. The musicians include: The Circus of Cool Combo: Roger Hines (bass), Joe Diamond (sax), Aaron Scott (drums), and John Essenman (sp?)(piano). The readers scheduled are: Lady Monster and Mary Margaret Faith. There will be more readers, they are not confirmed at this time. The performers (dance/circus) are not confirmed at this time either.

Once again, the same atmosphere of fun and artistic expressions will be present, and of course, support for the Pope, Don Pavelcik. Donations for Don's continuing medical expenses are welcome at the door.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Booher at [email protected].

- Stephanie Booher (Sept 23, 1998)

Distro Done Right
Because it's by You!!!

When it comes to distribution and promotion you realize that it must be done in coordination...right? Well, when you deal with distro companies you never know what will happen.

**They may not send your CD to the appropriate stores or media companies. **You may never see any of the money from the CD sales since they have control over your product. **And, if you're an indie band you will probably get stuck in the "Local Music" section of your local stores; if there is one...and how many people really look there?

What we offer is a featured position in major record chains across the country. In an interactive, touch screen "Kiosk", consumers will be able to see, hear and read all about the bands and labels involved with Areamusic. The same information that is on the module will be on our website 24/7. This is not a is an actual ordering platform as well. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with distribution companies who take a percentage of the sales... if they decide to do their job properly. Remember, Area music Entertainment L.L.C. will take no money from CD sales.

Also, we make promotion and touring 110% easier. With possibilities of featured positioning around the world, and print ads provided by Area music, you will be able to pick and choose where you would like people to see, hear and read about you. This helps a great deal when planning a tour. For example, if you are going to tour NYC/Chicago/Boston/and Miami... you would put your CD in spots only in those cities if you choose to do so. **OR** Where ever you would like to build a fan's all up to the artist.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot.

Good luck with all that you do!

Joseph Cingrana


Area music Entertainment L.L.C.

Vox-718.727.7774 http://www.area E-Mail- 411@area Toll free- 877.840.AREA Fax-718.727.7953

Signups are starting NOW!!! Reserve your space before it's GONE!!!

- Joseph Cingrana (Sept 22, 1998)

Another Fall Bash Update
I just received word that WWCD CD101.1 has not donated two pair of tickets, but EIGHT PAIRS OF TICKETS!!!! 5 sets for the Tragically Hip show and 3 sets for the Dada concert!!!!!! They will be raffled of throughout the night. Be there, Thursday 24 September at the North berg Tavern!!!!!!!!!!!

- Brian (Sept 17, 1998)

Fall Bash For Charity Update
24 September @ The North berg Tavern
The First Annual Fall Bash For Charity, taking place at the North berg Tavern (2084 N. High) on September 24 (see notice below) has some great news. Radio station WWCD CD101.1 is now an official sponsor! They have donated two tickets to the Tragically Hip concert and two tickets to the Dada show, both at the Newport. These tickets and other prizes will be raffled off throughout the evening of the 24th at the North berg. Also, CD101.1 and Donato's Pizza are giving away 101 FREE 7" PIZZA'S to the first 101 people through the door of the North berg on the 24th. The event will kick off officially at 9:00pm. So the first 101 people at the North berg after 9:00pm will receive a FREE 7" PIZZA!!!!! Everyone will get a raffle ticket for the Concert tickets and various other prizes. Remember to bring a canned good or a non-perishable food item for $1.00 of the cover charge. All of the donations will be given to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

- Brian (Sept 17, 1998)

"Elvis ain't home"
CD,Cassette (POLECAT records)
ABBEY CHURCH? One of the most influential bands to ever come out of Columbus. This is the first release of a band who was signed in 1992 to Pristine records out of Texas. After signing with Pristine the band recorded these eight songs in Seattle 1992. The record was never released (due to a long legal battle). The good news for ABBEY CHURCH fans is that POLECAT records has obtained the rights to the music and is now (with the band) releasing the project that rock history missed out on. Tracks: 1.If you could 2.Too much noize 3.Kick the ride 4.She roams 5.Scared to live 6.Feel my pain 7.Capn' nowhere(demo) 8.Revolution(demo) e-mail [email protected] for details

- Steve Stone,POLECAT records (Sept 17, 1998)

First Annual Fall Bash for Charity
For Immediate Release

15 September, 1998

On Thursday, September 24th, The North berg Tavern, 2084 North High Street, in conjunction with Donatos Pizza campus locations 20th Anniversary Celebration, is proud to host the first annual "Fall Bash for Charity." The event has a twofold design. First, the most important aspect is the charity. All evening, Donatos campus location and the North berg Tavern will be collecting canned and non-perishable food items to be donated to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Since 1980, The Mid-Ohio Food Bank has collected and donated food to nearly 500 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other charities throughout 31 counties in central and eastern Ohio. With your support we can help conquer hunger together. There is no reason why being charitable can't be fun! So the North berg Tavern would like to welcome back all returning OSU students with a party that you will not want to miss! The North berg Tavern will have live entertainment all night. Starting at 10:00pm, campus favorite Mark Swabby will take the stage playing all the songs you know and love. Following Swabby will be Columbus newcomers, Leeward Terrace. Their unique blend of rock, folk, funk and jazz will have the crowd on their feet begging for more. Rounding out the night will be Columbus favorites, Sugar Pill. Their mix of funk, rock and soul will force you to get up and get down! Also during the "fall Bash for Charity", several door prizes will be handed out. In addition, the first 101 customers to enter the North berg Tavern will receive a FREE 7� PIZZA from Donatos campus location. The "fall Bash for Charity" is open to everyone over the age of 18. Donate any canned good or any non-perishable food item and receive $1.00 off the cover charge. Please show your support for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank while having a great time at the first annual "fall Bash for Charity.� Good music, good food, GREAT CAUSE!

The North berg Tavern is located at 2084 N. High Street next to Donatos Pizza. The North berg is near the corner of Frambes and North High Street two blocks south of the Lane Ave/N High Street intersection.


For further information contact:

Tony Federer 294-5371

Brian Archer 326-0682

Dave Carter 299-7310

- Brian (Sept 15, 1998)

Leeward Terrace.
Leeward Terrace will be performing at the North berg Tavern on Friday September 11th. They have a style that is completely unique to the Columbus scene. It is very difficult to categorize this up and coming band because of the diverse influences of each of the bands four members. Everything from John Coltrane, Steely Dan, Rush, Boz Scaggs, and Frank Zappa just to name a few. While Leeward Terrace always puts the music first, they love to get on stage and let it all hang out and have a great time. Always precise yet never pretentious, Leeward Terrace is here to stay. Also on the bill will be another up-and-comer in the local scene, "Twelve Days Dry." They to have their own unique blend of rock, folk, and pop. It will be a great show for all music lovers!


- Leeward (Sept 05, 1998)

Live (Breakthrough Connections)
The big news downtown was topless strippers. It was on T.V. news, and all the office folks were talking. They were giving away free passes to the Gentlemen's bars. Crowds were incredible! The downtown does not see the same kind of reaction to musical performance. Go figure.

- Mad Man (Aug 21, 1998)

Web News
Cessation of Life
CD (breakthough Connections)
Check out the new samples on C.O.L. at the "Breakthrough Connections" website. They are from California, and we'd be interested in any feedback. These guys are knockin' 'em out in California! They're along the lines of "Slayer" and other demon metal bands. Please check out the other groups on the site and give us your opinion. Cringe is the coolest, and we at Breakthrough Connections want to help Cringe go global with some of the Columbus Campus Artists!

- Rodger (Aug 21, 1998)

Web Happenings
Atlantic Records Chat
I just wanted to relate a late night experience. After "the late gig" I returned home to unwind, and turned on the computer. I decided to check out some record company websites to find out about submission requirements. Some had 'em, some didn't. I entered a chat room on one site (Atlantic Records, I think). I was amazed that there was absolutely no discussion of music going on, only talk of getting high, and trying to insult the other people involved. I tried to express concern that the value of music in our world might be dying, along with other positive arts. No One Cared! Unless it's sex or money - draw your own conclusions, and don't blame me for pessimism! Does music still matter!? Mad Man

- Mad Man (Aug 18, 1998)

The Shantee
"Lands Unknown"
The Shantee is a young Columbus Band that has played Chelsie's, Little Brother's, Ruby Tuesday's, at the OSU Student Union opening for Ekoostic Hookah, and various other venues throughout Ohio and Indiana

CD released in May of 1998 - recorded at Diamond Mine Studios in Columbus by Jeff Graham - CD is currently sold only at shows

2 songs from this release are featured on the Abercrombie & Fitch in-store radio CD this month (August 1998)-"Glory" and "Happy Song"

Web site in the works: ""

Contact us at (614) 608-2263 (Mike)

- Matt Morton (Aug 12, 1998)

Can't Crack Deez Nuts
Victim plays heavy metal music that's weird and bizarre from Columbus, Ohio.

- ABC (Aug 10, 1998)

Sean Carney and The Nite Owlz
Swing/Blues (Main St. Records)
An up and coming Swing/Jump Blues outfit based in Columbus offers up a well received CD,check out the website ,read the reviews,hear select songs and look at the schedule!!

- Dave West (Aug 10, 1998)

After a knock-down, drag-out good time July 26th at Bernie's, the "fully functional rock stars" of MR. WHATEVER will be bringing their song and dance to RUBY TUESDAY'S this FRIDAY JULY 31st. CRINGE readers that are unfamiliar with the band are encouraged to get out and experience a show straight from the all-good universe. MR. WHATEVER pours rock, pop, jazz, and funk into a sound guaranteed to deliver the goods in grand fashion. Give yourself the gift of a new musical experience this FRIDAY. Phish-heads are encouraged to bring their post-concert party to Ruby's and continue the festivities. The infamous BUBBA HO-TEP, who spiced up Bernie's on July 25th, will open the show. Don't miss out on a damn good thing! This FRIDAY, JULY 31st at Ruby's. See ya there!

- matthew milligan (July 27, 1998)

looking for backstreet blues ohio 70s..
backstreet blues

- IRWIN WINEBERG (July 19, 1998)