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 ISSUE  7.3 FALL 1997 

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Welcome to the Cringe Classified Ads page. This page is meant for music/musician related ads. Also, keep in mind it was originally intended to be Columbus, Ohio based, but has grown and attracted people outside this area. This is a FREE service of Cringe.

Ads can also be submitted online or emailed to [email protected] with ADS in the SUBJECT header.

Musicians Available

Drummer seeking Job\Coin (Columbus, Oh)
23 year old looking for band in local area. Have 8-9 years of experience. Looking to start, or join , a band. Some influences range from G-love & special sauce, 311, SUBLIME, Jamaquaria(how ever the hell you spell it)... I like funy-jazzy-rock, .. I DONT MEAN TO SOUND TRENDY , but anything but the mainstream b.s. that's out there in this cow-town right now. With a few exceptions ofcourse...I like hip-hop, reggae , soul...etc.etc..It is a serious goal of my own to be in a successful band in this city, that is appriceated by a wide variety of people. I could go on for ever... I am currently in a band and obviously looking to join\build another.. SICK OF THE SAME OLD SHIT?? CALL ME!!

Contact: Todd Matthews / COLUMBUS, OH 43213 / Phone: 818-0571 / Fax: 818-0517 / CONTACT BY PHONE PLEASE
Submitted by: Todd Matthews (CONTACT BY PHONE PLEASE) (Feb 05, 1998)

DrumScientist/Vocals/Songsmith (OHIO)
Ohio drummer searching for serious band situation or serious individuals to form one.

Contact: Matt / [email protected]
Submitted by: Matt ([email protected]) (Jan 12, 1998)

Westone Strat Guitar (Columbus, OH)
Late '80's or early '90's (not sure of date) creme Westone Strat. Pick-ups replaced with EMG SELECTS. Floating bridge and hardshell case. $200.

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 02, 1998)

Westone Strat Guitar (Columbus, OH)
Late '80's or early '90's (not sure of date) creme Westone Strat. Pick-ups replaced with EMG SELECTS. Floating bridge and hardshell case. $200.

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 02, 1998)

Lead Guitarist/Lead Vocalist Seeks new band (Greensburg, IN)
Lead guitarist/lead vocalist looking for full time work in Indy/Cincy area. Have 15 yrs. stage experience, the best equipment, no attitude, 34 yrs.old but I look 24. Currently playing 3 weekends/mo. with Alternative band. Unmarried, financially secure, non smoker/non drinker/non bible reader. Available for auditions/gigs in the next 10 days (from Jan.1, 98). Call or email Rich 812-663-9757 or [email protected].

Contact: Rich Bryant / Greensburg, IN 47240 / Phone: 8126639757 / Fax: 8126638812 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Rich Bryant ([email protected]) (Jan 01, 1998)

Drummer availible (Columbus, OH)
24 year old drummer recently settled back into the Columbus area. I've been out of touch with the scene here locally, but I would be interested in getting together with others to just jam. Who knows where it could end up. Influences include (it's a bizzare list, hold on):Level 42, Rush, Steps Ahead, Tears for Fears, Steely Dan, Bare Naked Ladies, Roxy Music, basically anything groove oriented that has a good song to back. Gig experiences: All rock, blues, jazz (commercial and standards) FUNK, and even some country subbing. Don't tell anyone but I was in CSYO and the Bluecoats. If you know what that is cool, if not...don't worry. Drop me a line or call.

Contact: Brian / Hilliard, OH 43026 / Phone: 614 771 1591 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Dec 25, 1997)

Guitarist/singer is looking for a band (Columbus, OH)
I play guitar and sing. My main influence is THE BEATLES, but I'm open to a variety of styles: early rock-n-roll, R&B, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, J. Joplin, Clapton, Dylan, reggae. Basically, it's got to be beautiful, melodic music, as opposed to noise. I'm looking for good-natured, beautiful people, either individual players (bass, keyboard, guitar, etc.), or an exisitng band. I'm willing to get serious and play out, but more interested in fun of making music than money.

Contact: Dmitry Pekurovsky / Columbus, OH / Phone: 614-294-7993 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Dmitry Pekurovsky ([email protected]) (Dec 15, 1997)

Singer looking for band (Columbus, OH)
I am looking to be a part of or form a serious band. I am sick of answering ads for talentless hacks w/ cracked cymbals and shorted out guitar cords or 3 year off and on again basement dwelling alcoholic/pot projects. If there are any musicians out there w/ jobs that are looking to form a non head banging group that is run like a business with the goal of playing out after a few months of practice, please email me. I'm open to a variety of formats from oldies to 70's funk, pop, blues, mainstream alternative or suggestions

Contact: Sean Zurbrick / Columbus, OH 43228 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Sean Zurbrick ([email protected]) (Dec 07, 1997)

Multimedia Musician SEEKS WORK (Rochester, NY)
I am looking for anybody who can point me in the right direction. I am seeking work with multimedia and gaming. I own a studio here in Rochester NY. I have the means to do audio/visual work. As for the music I have a wide range of styles. I am most interested in Techno/Trance, Industrial, and most anything electronic. Thank you.

Contact: Daniel C. Di Vita / 90 Price st. / Rochester, NY 14605 / Phone: 716/232-3615 / Fax: 716/334-8631 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Daniel C. Di Vita ([email protected]) (Dec 07, 1997)

I Need a Band!! (Columbus, OH)
Wanna play hardcore? Like Deftones? Machine Head? Korn? anything even remotely close? give me a ring!! I've been playing guitar for a while now and although I am not that good Im good enough... Have you heard some of the bands out there?? If your decent, play drums, bass or sing and in the Columbus area get off your ass!! Call me.

Contact: Chris Wright / 194 Kinnear Alley / Columbus, OH 43202 / Phone: 261-9541 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Chris Wright ([email protected]) (Nov 21, 1997)

Female Guitarist Looking for All-Girl Band (New Brunswick, NJ) a guitarist at rutgers search of other female musicians (bassists, drummers, singers)

to form a unique all-girl punk/pop band....if me at [email protected]

Contact: tracey / new brunswick, nj 08903 / [email protected]
Submitted by: tracey ([email protected]) (Nov 17, 1997)



Contact: RICHARD ADLER / Phone: 440-944-3387
Submitted by: RICHARD ADLER (Oct 24, 1997)

Pop-punk/Hardcore guitar player (indianapolis, in)
im looking to start or join an existing band in indianapolis. bands i like: bad religion, pennywise, descendants, dhc, the misfits, strung out, nufan, etc.

Contact: [email protected]
Submitted by: ([email protected]) (Oct 05, 1997)

Bass player needed (Columbus, OH)
Bass player wanted for orignal/ cover folk rock band. Vocals a plus. Must be able to pratice and play on frequent basis. Music style likes of: John Hiatt, Steve Earl, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones.

Contact: Dr. Al White / Phone: 614-262-1113
Submitted by: Dr. Al White (Sept 13, 1997)

Percussionist/ drummer seeks working musicians (Columbs, OH)
Drummer/ percussionist local on Columbus- Athens music scene for past 9 years. I am presently preforming with a local cover band in Columbus area as well as setting in with several solo acts on percussion when needed. My influences range from flok rock to Latin to top forty. What I'm saying is everything intrests me. Primarily looking for original band who would like another member for preforming and creative input.

Contact: Felix / 415 E. Chestnut st. / Lancaster, OH 43130 / Phone: 614-681-9362
Submitted by: Felix (Sept 11, 1997)

Bass Player looking for a Band (Columbus, Oh)
Looking to start a new band or join an exisitng group. I'm into punk, ska, rockabilly, and garage rock.... willing to play with anybody with the same interests. I have a practice space, pa, recording stuff etc...

Contact: Mark / Phone: (614)208-3795 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark ([email protected]) (Aug 31, 1997)

Rock Musician (Columbus, oh)
I own and play drums, guitar and bass. I also have PA, 4-track recording equip. and a custom gig room (built it myself). Most influenced by the heavy metal scene(Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Alice in Chains, Dokken, Metallica, Soundgarden, etc.) and rock fusion (Eric Johnson, I. Malmsteen, etc). Basically, if it rocks I'll try it. I am looking for musicians with similar interest to play original and/or cover tunes.

Contact: Doug Shaw / Columbus, O / Phone: (614)983-6505 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Doug Shaw ([email protected]) (Aug 27, 1997)

I have over 20 yrs. exp. and equipment. I prefer FUNK or Top40/Dance or Contemporary Jazz. My influences include; LARRY GRAHAM, NATHAN EAST, LOUIS JOHNSON, MARCUS MILLER, JACO, STANLEY CLARKE......Groups or Artists; Earth Wind & Fire, 70's Funk groups(all),Crusaders Steely Dan, Doobies(w/Michael McDonald), George Clinton(of course)....... I really want a long term group with aspirations to travel full time, but may settle for a weekend warrior band if it's smokin' and gigin' steady. Covers or Originals.

Contact: Tony Pulliam / Columbus, oh / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tony Pulliam ([email protected]) (Aug 20, 1997)

Recorded and performed with Peabo Bryson, Paul Davis, Mitch Ryder, Badfinger, Brewer & Shipley, & Others. Also, World tours with "Beatlemania" "Twist and Shout" "Legends in Concert" May consider returning to my home State of Ohio with family en tow if gig is right; saw the world many times and getting ready to leave Las Vegas to settle down in Ohio...possibly. NEED A DRUMMER... CONTACT: CARROLL "BEAV" PARKER Fax (702) 656-4900 E-Mail: [email protected]

Contact: CARROLL "BEAV" PARKER / 6713 W. Charleston Blvd #2 / Las Vegas, NV 89102 / Phone: (702) 870-0300 / Fax: (702) 656-4900 / [email protected]
Submitted by: CARROLL "BEAV" PARKER ([email protected]) (Aug 16, 1997)

Musicians Wanted

We are "THE VAGUE" a cross between The Grays, Foo Fighters, Beatles, Jellyfish, Red Kross. We are currently looking for a lead guitarist who can sing lead vocals or keyboardist who can sing lead vocals,must be serious, dedicated and stable !!!! To write original material. No Weekend warriors, Drug-Addicts, Or INFLATED EGOS !!!

Contact: Chuck Oney / Columbus / Columbus, OH 43232 / Phone: 614-575-9365 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Chuck Oney ([email protected]) (Feb 03, 1998)

Bass player wanted for established roots rock band. We play origanal/ cover mix(ie. Stones, Hiatt, Earl, Dylan). We are looking for solid bass player with good attitude. We are always open for new material and ideas. Call Felix @ 614-681-9362 or email @ [email protected]

Contact: Felix D' Cat / col, oh / Fax: 6146819362 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Felix D' Cat ([email protected]) (Jan 28, 1998)

Keyboardist/Female Vocalist needed (Columbus, OH)
Columbus based band is seeking someone to fill out the sound. We are a original rock/top 40/pop group with a couple of covers thrown in for fun. We have gigs already lined up, but we have been put on hold due to some personel changes. We would like to add a keyboardist as well as some female vocals. Any programming/arranging/sequencing knowledge is a total plus.

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: 614-771-1591 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Jan 28, 1998)

Are you a groovin percussionist? We want you! (Columbus, Oh)
We're "Ed's Speakeasy", and we're looking for a percussionist to play congas, timbales, shakers, everythning. We're looking for some great rythmes to mix things up and get cool groves and shakes going on. We're a blues/rock/jazz type band. We love; Floyd, Hendrix, Miles Davis, B.B.King Clapton, Taj Mahal, G-Love, Brand New Heavies, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, whatever. Any alternate rhythm influences are incouraged; raegee, latin, or anything else. Really we just want someone who is a great person and musician who wants to play, have fun, and go somewhere doin' it!!! -ED

Contact: Cory Elliot or Greg Wasylik / ---- / Col, oh 43201 / Phone: 617-2318436 / Fax: ----- / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Cory Elliot or Greg Wasylik ([email protected]) (Jan 23, 1998)

We're looking for a keyboard player! (Columbus, Oh)
Hi. We're "Ed's Speakeasy", a local band that doesn't want to be local anymore. We're looking for a keyboard player to play moog organ/piano type stuff. Anything from simple accomanyment pieces, to song driven pieces and solos. Any styles are cool, just know how to play and have a desire to have fun and go far. Our influences are mostley everything in the jazz, rock, blues area. To narrow it a bit, we love; The Beatles, Taj Mahal, Clapton, Pearl Jam, Big Head Todd, Zep, Miles Davis, John Coltrain, Steelers Wheel, Floyd, Brad, G-Love, whatever. We're looking for dedication, and a good fun attitude. We love music. It is our life. It must be yours. -ED

Contact: Cory Elliot or Greg Wasylik / --- -- -- -- - / Columbus, Oh 43017 / Phone: 614-731-8436 / Fax: -- / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Cory Elliot or Greg Wasylik ([email protected]) (Jan 23, 1998)

Bass Player Needed For Mainstream Rock Group (Columbus, OH)
Mainstream rock cover band (Tonic, Gin Blossoms, Collective Soul, Dada, Mathew Sweet, etc) looking for professional looking/acting bass player with talent. Must have similar interests and be ready to play out within 2 months of joining group. Must be drug free and stable with similar interests in music.

Contact: Sean Zurbrick / Columbus, OH / [email protected]
Submitted by: Sean Zurbrick ([email protected]) (Jan 22, 1998)

Forming country band in N.E.OHIO (Kent, OH)
N.E.Ohio musicians needed. Forming country band near Kent Ohio. We have bass player and female singer. We NEED lead guitarist, drummer and keyboard player. Plan to do original and cover tunes. Contact Dave: [email protected]

Contact: Dave / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Dave ([email protected]) (Jan 20, 1998)

Wanted Female Keyboard Player (back-up vocals a plus) (Columbus, Oh)
We are interested in getting a female keyboard player for our band. Must be able to input own ideas to our original music as well as the covers. We practice a minimum of one day a week on Sundays as a complete band and get together in smaller groups during the week. We have five current members all male consisting of two guitars, bass, drums, and lead vocals. Our sound is a mix of rock and top forty. Reliable people only please.

Contact: Mark / Columbus, Oh / Phone: (614)291-0792 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark ([email protected]) (Jan 19, 1998)

We need a SOLID Drummer (Columbus, Oh)
We are a mostly original band that has gone through two drummers. We need someone who can JAM and is RELIABLE. We have a very solid band that consists of two guitars, a bass, and a lead vocalist. We are a mix of Rock and Blues. Once we have a solid drummer we will be playing every Thursday at a campus bar for the door.

Contact: Mark / Columbus, Oh / Phone: (614)291-0792 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark ([email protected]) (Jan 13, 1998)

Trumpet and Sax needed for Ska/Funk local band (Columbus, Oh)
Local Columbus band Fenster is looking for a dedicated trumpet or sax player. Band is established and is currently playing the Columbus club scene.

Contact: Roman Kravec / Phone: (614) 784-8303 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Roman Kravec ([email protected]) (Jan 04, 1998)

Are You Looking For A Vocalist? Well I Need A Band (Fremont, OH)
I am a 17 year old vocalist searching put quality musicians (drummer, bassist, guitarist(s)) to start a hardcore/metal type band. Preferably 16-21. I'm shooting for a very aggressive style of play-something along the lines of Pantera or Acid Bath. Along with those two bands, other major influences must include White Zombie, Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Coal Chamber, and Marilyn Manson. I'm interested in people with an open mind, a willingness to be experimental and most importantly artistic motivation. So if you like what you've read so far, you need an aggressive outlet, and you want to make some ass kicking music, don't hesitate to contact me. I'M VERY ANXIOUS TO GET THIS THING OFF THE GROUND! Once again I'm looking for musicians, not dopeheads-serious inquiries please.

Contact: Ryan Rathbun / 1112 South State Route 19 / Fremont, OH 43420 / Phone: (419)-332-3863 / Fax: none / [email protected] / none
Submitted by: Ryan Rathbun ([email protected]) (Dec 11, 1997)

Drummer Wanted (Vocals a Plus) (Columbus, OH)
We are three singers and songwriters who are forming two bands: one modern country, classic rock and oldies band, and the other an originals band with whatever songs we feel like doing at the time. Our originals are in many styles, including folk-rock, standards, country, and British-invasion. Please have a professional attitude and a sense of humor!

Contact: Greg and Michele Davis / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614)231-1299
Submitted by: Greg and Michele Davis (Dec 01, 1997)

Drummer Wanted (Vocals a Plus) (Columbus, OH)
We are three singers and songwriters who are forming two bands: one modern country, classic rock and oldies band, and the other an originals band with whatever songs we feel like doing at the time. Our originals are in many styles, including folk-rock, standards, country, and British-invasion. Please have a professional attitude and a sense of humor!

Contact: Greg and Michele Davis / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614)231-1299
Submitted by: Greg and Michele Davis (Dec 01, 1997)

Drummer Wanted (Vocals a Plus) (Columbus, OH)
We are three singers and songwriters who are forming two bands: one modern country, classic rock and oldies band, and the other an originals band with whatever songs we feel like doing at the time. Our originals are in many styles, including folk-rock, standards, country, and British-invasion. Please have a professional attitude and a sense of humor!

Contact: Greg and Michele Davis / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614)231-1299
Submitted by: Greg and Michele Davis (Dec 01, 1997)

Drummer Wanted (Vocals a Plus) (Columbus, OH)
We are three singers and songwriters who are forming two bands:

one modern country, classic rock and oldies band, and the other

an originals band with whatever songs we feel like doing at the time.

Our originals are in many styles, including folk-rock, standards, country,

and British-invasion. Please have a professional attitude and a sense of


Contact: Greg and Michele Davis / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614)231-1299
Submitted by: Greg and Michele Davis (Dec 01, 1997)

Bass player for heavyrock,industrial band (Marion, Oh)
Ohio based orginal band seeks a dedicated bass player for org. project. WE have many cool songs ready to go. WE play the ohio and surrounding areas. Male or female if your good!! And can make it to practice each time!!!!

Contact: rod / Marion, oh 43302 / Phone: 6143826007 / [email protected]
Submitted by: rod ([email protected]) (Nov 30, 1997)

IM AN EXPERIENCED DRUMMER SEEKING MOTIVATED, TALENTED MUSICIANS. I HAVE LOTS OF STUDIO AND STAGE EXP. , A LOT OF PRO GEAR AND WOULD LOOK FOR THE SAME TO JOIN OR START NEW BAND !!!!! Intrested? Influences include: ( Heavy) Quicksand, Meshuggah, Stuck Mojo, Deftones, Helmet, Orange 9, KMFDM, Clutch, Type O, Strapping Young Lad, Napalm Death, Pro-Pain, Snapcase, Neurosis, Biohazard, Tool etc.. (Jazz, R&B, Other) Art Blakey, Alan Holdsworth, Al Dimeola, Erykah Badu, James Brown, Pink Floyd or anything else that grinds, swings, grooves, jams, raggaes or just kicks ass. The group direction could be anything from rock to hip hop, atmospheric to jazzy, funky to grindcore.

Contact: Steve Jaccaud / [email protected]
Submitted by: Steve Jaccaud ([email protected]) (Nov 28, 1997)

Progressive band needs musicians! (Columbus, Oh)
Need bass player, keyboards and singer for Columbus based Progressive Rock band. Have rehearsal space and are currently writing original music. We want to eventually play some clubs when we find the right people to play with.

Contact: Jason Schurtz / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Schurtz ([email protected]) (Nov 17, 1997)

Guitarist seeks other female musicians (New Brunswick, NJ) a guitarist in search of other female musicians (bassists, drummers, and singers) to form a unique all-girl punk/pop band...if interested, email me at [email protected]

Contact: tracey / new brunswick, nj 08903 / [email protected]
Submitted by: tracey ([email protected]) (Nov 17, 1997)

good attitudes wanted (bucyrus, oh)
bassist/songwriter is seeking drummer,keys,and guitarist for originals. long epic/ psychadelic/ emotional music. something new, not a rip off of anyone. NO mtv bullshit.

Contact: andrew / bucyrus, oh / [email protected]
Submitted by: andrew ([email protected]) (Nov 11, 1997)


Contact: FELIX / Phone: 614654-2983 / [email protected]
Submitted by: FELIX ([email protected]) (Nov 11, 1997)

Serious Bassist Wanted For Alternative Band! (Auburn, AL)
Lead Guitarist and Drummer who are very serious about their music.. looking for an equally serious bassist with a good attitude, versitility, experience, and good equipment. Also looking for a vocalist. Alternative type music.

Contact: Mark Trouse / Auburn, AL / Phone: (334) 826-8821 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tina Stewart ([email protected]) (Nov 02, 1997)


Contact: FELIX / Phone: 614-681-9362 / [email protected]
Submitted by: FELIX ([email protected]) (Oct 31, 1997)

nesmo KING looking for musicians! (Concord, CA)
Please check my website!!!!!

Contact: nesmo KING / 1234 Somewhere / Anytown, CA 12345 / Phone: 555-555-1234 / Fax: 555-555-4321 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: nesmo KING ([email protected]) (Oct 30, 1997)

Guitarist Wanted! (Columbus, OH)
"Liquid" is losing a guitarist to the big city of L.A. and we need to find a new guitarist to take his place. We are regulars at Chelsies and have been played on CD101's "Front Stage Live" many times. We have a CD's worth of material with a funk, punk, melodic, pop-alternative style. We need someone who is creative, likes to have fun and is serious about music! We are eager to record a CD due to great contacts in the music industry!

Practices are WEDs & SUNs! Call Paul Anthony for more details.

Contact: Paul Anthony / Columbus, OH 43229 / Phone: 847-1371
Submitted by: Paul Anthony (Oct 25, 1997)


Contact: RYAN CORNELL / 6605 SCARFF RD. / NEW CARLISLE, OH 45344 / Phone: 937-845-3694 / [email protected]
Submitted by: RYAN CORNELL ([email protected]) (Oct 25, 1997)

Guitarist Needed Now for Busy Band (Columbus, Oh)
The name of the band is Curb Service. Just recently the guitar player that has been playing with us had to depart because of commitments to another local band getting hot (Lollipop Factory). The person we are looking for will be a very strong rythm player and a capable lead player also. Vocals are a definite plus although we already have three good vocalists in the mix. The lead singer is 21 years old and is a tremendous talent. The rest of the band has well over sixty years combined experience in music. Mostly cover tunes and all genres. From the Beatles to Melissa Etheridge we do just about anything. We are currently booked at least four times a month through February with more to come. If you are interested in an audition please e-mail me and let me know!

Contact: John Wallace / 344 Pathfinder drive / Reynoldsburg, Oh 43068 / Phone: 614/ 866-6469 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John Wallace ([email protected]) (Oct 24, 1997)

Looking for strange musicians (Columbus, Oh)
I am looking for other musicians who enjoy strange/possibly weirdo rock My influences: Trans Am, The Sea & Cake, Six Finger Sattelite, Ween, Pixies, Red Krayola, Etc... I'm very into experimenting with a variety of instruments and electronic sound. Most importantly, I don't work well with control freaks, angst rockers, pretentiuos attitudes, or music theory. I just like to find a good sound. So if you play: guitar, drums( drum machine?-even better), synthesizer, vocals( over effected vocals-very cool) get in touch.

Contact: Bryan / Columbus, Oh / Phone: 299-6639 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Bryan ([email protected]) (Oct 24, 1997)

Keyboardist needed for Emanon (Columbus, Oh)
We need a keyboardist for a band NOW. Influences include Monster Magnet, Pink Floyd, Primus, Kyuss, NIN, anything psychedelic and trippy. We are a bassist, a R guitarist/singer,

and a drummer. Practice at least once a week in Cincy or Columbus. Duties include songwriting, recording, and having fun. Computer and MIDI expertise a plus

Contact: Chuck Queen / 1780 N 4th St / Columbus, Oh 43201 / Phone: none / Fax: none` / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Chuck Queen ([email protected]) (Oct 18, 1997)

Female songwriter/guitarist (Columbus, oh)
Looking for other female musicians, acoustic or band type situation. Must be into playing original music.

Contact: Bonnie / columbus, oh 43223 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Bonnie ([email protected]) (Oct 14, 1997)

Looking for Classic Hard Rock Musicians (Columbus, OH)
If you are a Jurassic Rocker or prefer 70's - 80's classic rock, let's get together and kick some punk butt. Vocalists, bass, drums, keyboards, maybe a rhythm gtr if you can sing. Writing talent also a +.

Contact: Scott Hughes / oh / Phone: 614-439-5118 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Scott Hughes ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

Quirk-Rock Band To Be Started (cols, oh)
I am but one geetarist with but many influences and i want to start a band similar to P.U.S.A., with many exceptions.... That's just one of the many sounds i wish to achieve, but yet am still searching for a sound all too individual.

Contact: Adrian S. / Columbus, oh 43213 / Phone: 615-0817 pg
Submitted by: Adrian S. (Oct 01, 1997)

BASSIST and GUITARIST wanted for METAL band (Skokie, IL)
If you like metal, then you'll like us. Our influences are Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. We are extremely talented and are anxious to start recording. At the moment, we are looking for a bassist and another guitarist ages 15-18 for the band. Check out our Web page for more information.

Contact: Aaron / Skokie, IL 60076 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Aaron ([email protected]) (Sept 11, 1997)

L.A. Band with a CD in a variety of rock vein needs a bassist with backup vocal ability. Have mngt. & Lawyer. No reason to relocate, looking to tour a.s.a.p. Offering 15% of publishing when we get signed. Send demo to: Amalgam, 120 S. San Fernando Rd. Suite 226, Burbank, CA 91502. Website:

Contact: Jody Whitesides (i'm a guy) / 120 S. San Fernando Rd. Suite 226 / Burbank, CA 91502 / Phone: (805)-263-8787 / Fax: (805)-263-8709 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Jody Whitesides (i'm a guy) ([email protected]) (Sept 10, 1997)

Washington D.C. Area Band Seeks Singer
Do you sound like Phil Louise,Joe Leste,or Taime Downe?Are you between the ages of 18-26 and have a good look?If so, then you may be the person we are looking for.The Vamps is a sleaze/industrial(very cathchy)Washington D.C.aera band that is drawing alot of attention.And don't think you live too far away becouse anyone called back to audition will have all of their expences paid for.If you think you have what it takes you should give this a close look. ***When we say a GOOD LOOK we mean it!Email MRPETERSPETS@

Contact: Buggman / po box 219 / aldie, va 20105 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Buggman ([email protected]) (Aug 15, 1997)

Bassist Wanted (Columbus OH) (Columbus, OH)
New band looking for a bass player with energy, ideas, commitment and an open mind to join immediately. We perform originals only, and have played out a couple of times. We also have definite opportunities to open for other bands mid-August onward, so contact us asap.

Contact: Jeremy Ernst / 931 Dennison Avenue / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-294-4132 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Akhila Ramnarayan ([email protected]) (Aug 11, 1997)

Bassist Wanted (Columbus, OH)
New band looking for a bass player with energy, ideas, commitment and an open mind to join immediately. We perform originals only, and have played out a couple of times. We also have definite opportunities to open for other bands mid-August onward, so contact us asap.

Contact: Jeremy Ernst / 931 Dennison Avenue / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-294-4132 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Akhila Ramnarayan ([email protected]) (Aug 11, 1997)

Female Vocalist looking for Central Ohio Band. (Zanesville, Oh)
22 Year old Female Vocalist looking to sing Country, but will be willing to try alternative. Have been singing Country/Gospel since 12 years old. Am serious about singing & would like a band that is also. With some fun & hard work would love to take it all the way to the top.

Contact: Melissa Trenta / 1228 Muirwood Dr / Zanesville, Oh 43701 / Phone: 614-453-6894 / Fax: same / [email protected] / none yet.
Submitted by: Melissa Trenta ([email protected]) (Aug 08, 1997)

Equipment Available

Vintage Slingerland Drums (Columbus, OH)
1963 Slingerland 4 Piece Drums. Original dark wood finish. Good Condition. Tom mounts on bass drum. Includes cymbol rod that mounts on bass drum. Must Sell - Only $600

Contact: Brian / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Jan 24, 1998)

Laney 100W Head (Columbus, OH)
Laney 100W head. New tubes. Paid $350 for. Take a look and make an offer.

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 02, 1998)

1983 Gibson Victory MVX Guitar (Columbus, OH)
This is a great guitar for non-metal. The clean sound is absolutely beautiful You need no effects for this guitar! They made only a few of these. Its got a vintage cherry burst finish, 22 frets (the head stock is the same as a Firebird), tune-o-matic bridge, and 3 pickups: bridge humbucker, middle stacked single-coil, and humbucker in the neck. The guitar is in sweet condition and has the original hardshell case. It was bought for $1200 in '83. I will sell it for $450. I'm buying a new guitar and need the money! $450 and its yours!

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 02, 1998)

Digitech RP-12 Floor Processor (Columbus, OH)
Perfect condition with instruction book and AC adaptor. This thing has 128 presets and 128 empty slots for your effects. Its got all the effects: flange, delay, chorus, reverb, distortions, pitch, etc. Paid $600, sell for $350. Selling because I'm getting a new guitar and need some money!

Contact: Jason Friend / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-299-5369 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jason Friend ([email protected]) (Jan 02, 1998)

DW DRUMS FOR SALE!!!! (Grove City, OH)
MERRY CHISTMAS YOU DRUMMERS!!!! DW DRUMS FOR SALE!!!!! HURRY, THEY WON'T LAST LONG!!!!! Great cond. 7-piece DW kit 10,12,13,16,18,18x22,5x14(sd) fast size toms. All on RIMS mounts for superior resonance and projection. Killer sound. New heads. Electric Blue with black hardware. Plenty of extra hardware for sale also. Almost $6700.00 retail in just the drums. Will sacrifice for $2199.00!!! (Over 67% off!!) If you've always wanted to own your own high end set or for the drummer in your life who needs a new kit for the holiday season, call me. I've got the ultimate drummer Christmas present.

Contact: Toolbox Percussion Services / c/o Steve Jaccaud / Grove City, OH / Phone: (614)871-9446 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Steve Jaccaud ([email protected]) (Dec 17, 1997)

for sale alesis qs-8 (burlington, nc)
new alesis qs-8 in box and sealed with factory warranty delivered to your door-first $1500.00

Contact: aubrey / [email protected]
Submitted by: aubrey ([email protected]) (Dec 13, 1997)

Peavey TL 5 String Electric Bass (Indianapolis, IN)
Eastern Flame Maple Body & Neck Thru (Color - Transparent Red) 24 frets, Ebony Fingerboard w/ Mother Of Pearl Inlays, 2 Active Hum Cancelling Pick-Ups, Active EQ w/ Sweepable Mids, Rugged SKB Case About 1 yr. old - Excellent Condition List new $1699 Will sell for $850

Contact: Bill / Indianapolis, IN / Phone: 317-876-4614 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Bill ([email protected]) (Dec 12, 1997)

Late 70's Music Man Sabre' Bass (Anderson, IN)
Customized Fretless Maple Neck, Original Black Finish, Hardware, Pick-Ups and Electronics. $800 obo w/case

Contact: Mark / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mark ([email protected]) (Dec 11, 1997)

King Super 20 Baritone Sax with case (columbus, oh)
1964 model with sterling silver neck. Recently oiled and adjusted. Plays well. Appraised at $2000.

Contact: bill armstrong / 736 amity rd. / galloway, oh 43119 / Phone: 614-870-3747 / [email protected]
Submitted by: bill armstrong ([email protected]) (Dec 09, 1997)

Froggy Bottom H-12 (Tornado, WV)

Contact: Tom McClure / 106 Pinehurst / Tornado, WV 25202 / Phone: 304-766-3041 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Tom McClure ([email protected]) (Dec 08, 1997)

1964 Martin D-28 (Minooka, IL)
1964 Martin D-28, brazilian rosewood, V-neck, long saddle, no cracks, new Martin HSC, excellant player with low action, [email protected]

Contact: John / Minooka, IL 60447 / Phone: (815) 467-1765 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Nov 30, 1997)

Synth & Effects Available (Columbus, Oh)
Yamaha DX21 vintage synth, MIDI, Excellent condition. $200 Digitech RP12 guitar multieffects proc, Mint condition. $350

Please call if you have questions. Thanks

Contact: John Hrivnak / 152 East Northwood Ave. / Columbus, Oh 43201 / Phone: 614-291-7944 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John Hrivnak ([email protected]) (Nov 24, 1997)

Selmer Super Action 80, Alto Sax. Excellent Condition. (Nashville, TN)
Over $2100 new in '82. Well cared for. Pads are good. Bought direct from factory. Tuned originally by factory technicians. No dings. A very few slight blemishes if look really closely. Solid Selmer leather case. Nice. $1700 +ship and insurance.

Contact: John Marttila / 2011 Richard Jones Rd. E-15 / Nashville, TN 37215 / Phone: 615-463-8522 / Fax: 615-463-9923 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John Marttila ([email protected]) (Nov 17, 1997)

4 Track, FX, Wireless, Guitar (Columbus, OH)
I am trying to get rid of the following gear. All prices listed are as is or best offer.

Yamaha MT-100 4 Track Recorder ($200)

Yamaha FX-500 5 Simul Effect Deck (Midi capable) ($200)

Nady Wireless System ($100)

Vantage Electric Guitar - Les Paul Copy, black, nice, sounds great ($200)

Contact: Michael Connor / 418 E 20th Ave / Cols, OH 43201 / Phone: (614)297-1919 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Michael Connor ([email protected]) (Nov 12, 1997)


Contact: SAM / NY / Phone: 718-363-2158 / [email protected]
Submitted by: SAM ([email protected]) (Nov 07, 1997)

FS: Tascam 38 Reel2Reel 8trk & Mackie 1604 mixer $1400 (Huntington, wv)
Tascam 38 8trk analog recorder(reel2reel) and Mackie 16 channel mixer Excellent cond. never left studio, send and return snakes included. works and sounds beautifully. asking $1400 for both ( may sell seperately)

Email: [email protected] or call (304) 525-0232 and leave message if I'm not at home.

Contact: wes simpkins / 2582 4th ave / huntington, wv 25703 / Phone: 304.525.0232 / [email protected]
Submitted by: wes simpkins ([email protected]) (Nov 04, 1997)

Recording studio gear 4-sale! (Fremont, OH)
Here is a listing of some of the gear and prices: 2700 [per] for the (2) DA-88s 3000 for the DA-88 w/sync.card 3300 for the Mackie 32x8 w/meter bridge 1050 for the Tascam RC-848 Remote

750 for the Ensoniq DP-4

800 for the DP-4+

560 for the studio vocalist

225 for the Furman PL-Pro

230 for the Furman H6A (Headphone dist.)

40 [per] for the (4) Furman HR-2 remotes

I can't ship!! These items must be picked up...that is if you're interested...first come first served.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Again-thanks, Jeff Yost 419-332-5667 [email protected]

Contact: Jeff Yost / 1910 Riverbend Pkwy. / Fremont, OH 43420 / Phone: 419-332-5667 / Fax: n/a / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Jeff Yost ([email protected]) (Oct 26, 1997)

HOHNER PJ BASS GUITAR: In Excellent condition. Played very little. I bought it but became too busy to play. Black and White with Maple Neck. Paid $500, asking for $375.

PEAVY TNT100 BASS AMP: In Excellent Condition. Played very little. Maybe 10 times. Sounds great. Paid $225, asking for $200.

Contact: Korey White / Phone: (206)783-3925 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Korey White ([email protected]) (Oct 14, 1997)

Marshall 2x12 Celestion. Model 1936. Fits full-size head. Like new. List $549, Retail $349. Only $250

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

BASS/PA Cabinet (Columbus, OH)
ElectroVoice with 15" speaker. 400W. $100

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

Peavey Musician Mark III. 2 Channel with Reverb, Phaser, and 6 band EQ. 250W. $200

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

4 Piece 1963 Slingerlands in Very Good Condition.

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)


Contact: Brad Townsend / 118 S. Main / Minster, OH 45865 / Phone: (419) 628-0014 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brad Townsend ([email protected]) (Oct 12, 1997)

bass fender "bass300c bxr" 300w rms 4ohm (columbus, oh)
excellent condition. cover. used maybe 15 times. $400

Contact: Steve Wald / 224 East Lakeview Avenue / Columbus, OH 43202 / Phone: 614-268-4642 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Steve Wald ([email protected]) (Oct 12, 1997)

ROGERS MID 70'S DRUMS (Rehoboth Beach, DE)
ROGERS MID 70'S DRUMS,toms(12",13",14",16"flr.) and bass drum(24") only!Solid white color with "Memriloc" style hardware for mounting toms.Stand for mounting 14" tom as floortom if desired.No snare,cymbals or other hardware.Very good condition.Been in home storage and not used in years.Only a few heads needed.Asking $525.Martin-302.227.4258 or 302.227.7484 Located on eastcoast in Delaware.Thanks for your interest!Just email for any other specific questions.

Contact: Martin / Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 / Phone: 3022274258 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Martin ([email protected]) (Oct 03, 1997)

Gear for Sale (Columbus, OH)
1988 Adamas 12 String, blue,HSC,GC $1025. 1996 Hamer 5string Cruise Bass, Active, HSC,Mint $650. 1967 Gibson C-0 classical,case, VGC,$325. Peavey KB100 Amp $200.

All prices are local- will ship guitars/bass, plus UPS/COD charges....

Contact: Paul / [email protected]
Submitted by: Paul ([email protected]) (Oct 03, 1997)

Martin D-45 Guitar (Minooka, IL)
1988 Martin D-45, mint, OHSC, $3950

Contact: John / Minooka / IL 60447 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Sept 28, 1997)

Martin D-45 Guitar (Minooka, IL)
1988 Martin D-45, mint, OHSC, $3950

Contact: John / Minooka / IL 60447 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Sept 28, 1997)

Yamaha DX21 Synth. (Columbus, OH)
Yamaha DX21 programmable synthesizer 61 keys, vintage synth with music stand, all manuals, dust cover Excellent condition, $400

Contact: John / Columbus, oh 43201 / Phone: 614-291-7944 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Sept 25, 1997)

G&L GUITARS BLOW OUT (9/24/97) (Raleigh, NC)

INDOOR STORM (9/24/97)

1. PRS Swamp Ash Special -- electric red, maple necks, moons, $2060, call for $

2. McCarty Royal Blue -- with tremolo, locking tuning keys retails for $2900, call for $

3. PRS Custom 24, natural, 10 top, birds, zebra dragons -- $3690 retail

4. McCarty- black, used, incredible finish, Kluson-style tuners, great guitar asking $1600. Call for $

5. Custom 22- whale blue, normal top, Dragon pick-ups, wide fat neck, BEST TONE. Used, $1500.

Call about other PRS guitars, including private stock.

Contact: Doug Abrams / 2101 New Hope Church Road / Raleigh, NC 27604 / Phone: 919/828-4357 / Fax: 919/872-6817 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Doug Abrams ([email protected]) (Sept 24, 1997)

Guitar Gear for Sale(Wife & Kid tell me it must all go) (Paris, On)
Boss Delay DM-3$100.00Boss � rack Chorus Ensemble RCE-10??$100.00Boss Digital Reverb RV-2$150.00Companion Wah Wah (by shinei) $50.00DOD Stereo Chorus$40.00EH Big Muff Pi$200.00Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress $250.00Hiwatt DR 505 50 W Head$450.00Hofner Galaxie (white vinyl covered) $250.00 Ibanez Artist Solid Body (Flame-top)$460.00 Ibanez Artist Solid Body (Burled Mahogany) $575.00 Ibanez FA-100 (Blonde,some Bird's eye)$650.00Ibanez Roadstar RS1500$300.00 Lado Legend 305 5-string Bass$600.00 and more please email for list

Contact: Scott Hager / Phone: 519-442-1078 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Scott Hager ([email protected]) (Sept 19, 1997)

Selmer (Paris) Super action 80 S.II alto saxaphone (E.Palestine, OH)
1994 Selmer (Paris) super action 80 Series II alto saxaphone. Mint condition, used for only 3 months. Includes selmer hard-shell case w/ case cover. Paid $2,600 new, asking $2,300 but will negotiate. Email, call or fax me.

Contact: Adam Hostetler / (Loc.#6466)MCCES, MCAGCC Box 788253 / 29 Palms, Ca 92278-8253 / Phone: (760)865-3959 / Fax: (760)865-3959 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Adam Hostetler ([email protected]) (Sept 17, 1997)

Guild D-35 Guitar. Mid 70's Exc. Cond. $500 (Wilton, CT)
Guild D-35 Accoustic Dreadnaught Guitar. Ser # 192783. Exc condition, near mint. Tobacco Sunburst Spruce Top. Mahogony Back & Sides. Rosewood Fretboard. Orig. Owner Orig. Harshell case. $500

Contact: Jeff Carroll / Wilton, CT 06897 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Jeff Carroll ([email protected]) (Sept 14, 1997)

Drums, Guitar Stuff FS (Columbus, OH)
Carvin SX-200 150 watt 2-12 combo w/ footswitch, $250. Woodson 15" Cabinet, loud, $70. Ibanez Artist Series semi-hollow, EMG-85s, locking trem, $300 w/HSC. Cheap drums, bass and floor, a steal at $85 with a hihat and snare stand. Better drums, 22" bass, 16" floor and snare, w/snare and hihat stands, sound wonderful, $225. 22" Zildjian medium ride, $85. Big.

Contact: Colin Odden / Columbus, OH / [email protected]
Submitted by: Colin Odden ([email protected]) (Sept 13, 1997)

Guitar Cabinet (Hilliard, Oh)
New Custom 4X10 aluminum 8 ohm cabinet. Looks and plays great. Handles, duel jacks, duel ports, two chambers 30 hz to 10,000 hz frequency range 280 watts RMs / 400 watts Peak 24"x24"x15" measurements.

I made three, and am playing two as a set. Selling the third for $230

Contact: Gary Wedlund / Hilliard, Oh / Phone: 777-4627 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Gary Wedlund ([email protected]) (Sept 10, 1997)

4 track for sale (Columbus, Oh)
Excellent 4 track for sale. Tascam 464. Great for writing and demos. $420.00

Alesis Microverb III. Like new. $150

Contact: Chuck Queen / 1780 N 4th St / Columbus, Oh 43201 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Chuck Queen ([email protected]) (Aug 27, 1997)

FS: E-mu Proteus and Ensoniq SQ80 $1300 (Annandale, VA)
Both Units mint cond. Would sell individually, neither units has ever left my studio!

Contact: Long Nguyen / Annandale, VA 22003 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Long Nguyen ([email protected]) (Aug 12, 1997)

Martin Guitar (Minooka, IL)
1964 Martin D-28, brazilian, long saddle, new Martin HSC, $2750

Contact: John / Minooka, IL 60447 / [email protected]
Submitted by: John ([email protected]) (Aug 08, 1997)

Equipment Wanted

I need mics!!! (Columbus, OH)
I am searching for some SM-57's, an AKG D-112, any SM-81's or any other drum suitable microphone that you have. Call or email me now!

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: 614-771-1591 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Jan 28, 1998)

Wanted:Urei Compressor (Cal, AB)
I am looking at purchasing any Urei/Universal audio Compressor limiters you may have available. Models such as LA-2a, La-3a, LA-4, 1176, 1178 Also, came as an earlier version (Universal Audio) AU 175,176. Top dollar for any of the above in good condition via certified moneyorder or can put funds directly on your charge card. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Ken

Contact: Ken / 20-Edcath Bay / Calgary, AB T3A3s6 / Phone: 403-239-4956 / Fax: 403-543-2545 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Ken ([email protected]) (Dec 21, 1997)

WANTED: Selmer Mark VI alto sax(very early model) (Detroit, Mi)
I am looking for a Mark Vi alto( less than 100----- serial number) for a reasonable price. I am a young musician looking to go to the next level. All help is appreciated. Thank you

Contact: Kyle / Detroit, Mi / Fax: 313-891-4262 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Kyle ([email protected]) (Nov 22, 1997)

WANTED: Cocktail Drum (Columbus, OH)
Looking for a vintage/used cocktail drum/drumset. A cocktail drum looks like a floor tom, but has a snare on the top and a bass drum on the bottom.

Contact: Brian / Columbus, OH / Phone: (614) 447-0269 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brian ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

seeking fender rhodes piano 73 or88 (closter, nj)
seeking fender rhodes piano 73 or 88. state price, condition/description,location & phone number. Contact:Joel [email protected]

Contact: joel zelnik / 65chestnut ave. / closter, nj 07624 / Phone: 201-784-9080 / [email protected]
Submitted by: joel zelnik ([email protected]) (Oct 13, 1997)

Want to buy cheap keyboard for MIDI input only (Columbus, OH)
I don't want to spend more than $100, but if you've got a really good deal, I'll go higher. What I'm looking for is an old synth with a good keyboard. I want to buy locally so I can try it out before I buy. If you have pointers on what I should be looking for in a keyboard, let me know.

Contact: John Milton / 5327 Shiloh Dr. / Columbus, OH 43220 / Phone: 457-6398 / Fax: 326-6417 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: John Milton ([email protected]) (Oct 08, 1997)

Miscellaneous Available

MS Productions (Columbus, OH)
MS Productions is proud to present our 2 song demo package! $250.00 gets you: 6hrs of studio time ( 4hrs recording, 2hrs mixing ) on 16 Track Digital format, 1 DAT master copy of your demo, FREE cassette copies ( must supply your own cassettes [ max=5] ), FREE advise on how to get your music recognized and a list of Record Companies complete with addresses and phone numbers. So act now and take advantage of this special offering. 2 Song Demo must be completed in one session ( one 6 hour day ). Demo is avliable only to musicians with established music arangements. There will not be any production from staff other than engineering.

Contact: Marco Simone / Columbus, OH 43206 / Phone: (614) 445-9205 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Marco Simone ([email protected]) (Nov 19, 1997)

HAIR!! HAIR!! in 42 days.... (Dayton, Oh)
We can help you get the look you need to project the image that you cant't because you do not have enough hair, it will not grow long enough...etc... We have been an independent business for 35 years we have designed all styles, call for free info and consultation, 1-800-477-9487 or E mail [email protected]

Contact: Mel Garber / 6140 N Main Street / Dayton, Oh 45415 / Phone: 937-278-9486 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Mel Garber ([email protected]) (Oct 27, 1997)

Vegan Cookzine (State College, PA)
A punk/D.I.Y-oriented vegan cookzine featuring 70 recipes, lots of art, and bits of social criticism. 56 pages, $2 postpaid.

Contact: Brad Misanthropic / 507 W. College Ave., Apt. 5 / State College, PA 16801 / Phone: 814-237-2894 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Brad Misanthropic ([email protected]) (Oct 05, 1997)

Alpha Dawg Recording Co.'s (Middletown, Oh)
On October 31, Halloween night, Alpha Dawg Recording Co.'s will make an announcement, via the WWW, that will forever set a precedent within the music industry. For further information visit our WWW @

Contact: Howard Goldberg / P.O. Box 421546 / Middletown, Oh 45042 / Phone: (513)424-6860 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Howard Goldberg ([email protected]) (Oct 03, 1997)

Bands Wanted for possible Pixies-a-thon (Columbus, OH)
I've been toying with the idea of having a Pixies tribute (and cover) night somewhere in Columbus. If you're interested in performing three or four Pixies covers and don't mind getting paid little or nothing for it, email me. I'm looking at setting things up in mid-late Novebmer, so it'll be awhile before I get back to you. Also, please email me with those songs which you would most like to cover. Thanks.

Contact: Colin Odden / 89 W N Broadway / Columbus, OH 43214 / Phone: 447-1095 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Colin Odden ([email protected]) (Sept 13, 1997)

Multi-instrument Music Teacher (Columbus, OH)
Individualized classes in guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, mandolin, folk guitar, electric bass, recorder, flute, trumpet, keyboard, organ, percussion, music theory, solfege, harmony, ear training, musical dictation, song writing and music history.

Call for brochure.

Contact: Prof. Mario Navas / Phone: (614) 268-8984
Submitted by: Joel ([email protected]) (Aug 19, 1997)

Boggess Music & Sound Studios (Warren, Oh)
The unique recording studio of musician/composer/sound designer, Gary Boggess, in N.E. Ohio. 128-track digital audio workstation (DAW). Music & MIDI production, sound effects design, sound editorial, total recall mix automation for video, film and multimedia producers. Synthesizers & samplers. Film scoring. CD mastering. Forensic. Noise Removal. Affordable album production services!!!

Contact: Gary Boggess / 160 N. Park Ave. / Warren, OH 44481 / Phone: (330) 394-5605 / Fax: (330) 394-5605 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Gary Boggess ([email protected]) (Aug 19, 1997)

Miscellaneous Wanted

Contact Info (Columbus, OH)
Cringe is updating its Contact Directories for its yearly hardcopy. The hardcopy will be out in January, so get any contact info you may have for any Columbus (OSU/Short North) area music related entities ASAP. See the for the current directories.

Get 'em anyway ya can ...

Contact: Joel Treadway / 133 W. 6th Ave / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-421-7589 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Joel Treadway ([email protected]) (Jan 09, 1998)

I want Dogrocket's "International Underwear" tape!! (Columbus, OH)
I've been looking for this tape for quite a while...anybody wanna trade/sell it? I've got a colored vinyl Dogrocket single I'd trade for it!! THANKS!

Contact: Pat Dull / 91 East Patterson Ave / Columbus, OH 43202 / Phone: (614) 752-5028 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Pat Dull ([email protected]) (Dec 10, 1997)

Gloria Bolin (Albany, Oh)
Looking for Religious Album, by Jack Holcomb, with songs, such as "My God Is Real" This Hands, Jesus, Washed my eyes with tears, Any comments on this Album will be appreciated. Thank You, Gloria at [email protected]

Contact: Gloria Bolin / 5289 Washington Rd / Albany, Oh 45710 / Phone: 614-698-4518 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Gloria Bolin ([email protected]) (Nov 19, 1997)

New Cringe Submissions Due Dec 1, 1997
Submission for the next issue of Cringe are Due December 1, 1997. Any local music related reviews, interviews, news, notes, recordings, media and information are accepted. Updates to the contact directory listings are also sought. Submit to the snail mail, email or URL below:

Contact: Cringe / 133 W. 6th Ave. / Columbus, OH 43201 / Phone: 614-421-7589 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Joel Treadway ([email protected]) (Nov 15, 1997)

Stevens Music Center (Hoboken, NJ)
I am working for Stevens Music department. We can hire any musician who can play any of the following and pay them $80,000 a year:

Guitar Piano Drums Trumpet.

Contact: Nishant Ranka / Stevens-Tech / Hoboken, NJ 07030 / Phone: 201-216-3721 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Nishant Ranka ([email protected]) (Nov 12, 1997)

Click Track Recording Studio (Columbus, OH)
Wanted!! Be your own boss selling commercials or studio time. Work your own hours and get paid when you want! You make 15 percent of your total sale. Click Track provides you with all the materials needed. For more information call us at (614) 471-8755 and ask for Marco or Jeff, or drop us an e-mail.

Contact: Click Track Recording Studio / 2860 Westerville Rd. / Columbus, OH 43224 / Phone: (614) 472-8755 / [email protected]
Submitted by: Click Track Recording Studio ([email protected]) (Sept 16, 1997)

Rehearsal Space Needed! (Columbus, OH)
We are in desperate need of a place to practice! We recently moved out of our house, and subsequently have no place to play. If anyone wants to split costs, share a space, or just knows who we can call, plaese let us know!


Contact: MELK / 1754 Canvasback Ln / Columbus, Oh 43215 / Phone: 488-6764 / [email protected] /
Submitted by: MELK ([email protected]) (Sept 03, 1997)

E-zine contributors wanted
Want to review records from Ohio / bordering states for our zine? Luna Kafe is the worlds first (and only?) e-zine to be published every full moon! No money, just fun!

Contact: Knut Tore Breivik / [email protected] /
Submitted by: Knut Tore Breivik ([email protected]) (Aug 11, 1997)