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This is the place to come for press releases, photos, band one sheets, contact information and/or other material common to standard press kits. We hope this "online press kit" approach will prove useful to not only the press, but also the bands, labels and fans. v1.0 CD now available in the Store!


On Friday, May 17, 2002 at Little Brother's is celebrating the release of its second compilation CD. Yeah buddy!
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  • Friday, May 17, 2002
    at Little Brother's
    Gypsy Witch
    The Lack
    Teeth of the Hydra
    The v2.0 CD includes new tracks from these 20 bands:
    Altered Statesman F**Bomb Orchestraville The Stepford 5
    Behemoth Ohio Flipping Hades Rosavelt Stonevelvet
    Bloody Matt Dillons Geraldine Ruby Vileos Brad Swiniarski
    Bob City Go Evol Shiki! Salt Horse Test Planet
    Di Di Mao Moviola Soda Vs. Pop The Vincents

    The bands played shows in support of the CD. Coupons available at those support shows can be redeemed for a free copy of the v2.0 CD at this release show. Um, that's one free CD per paid $5 admission with coupon. And in case you didn't get a coupon or just lost it, we've included a couple.

    This also serves as the first show in support of the v3.0 CD. Gypsy Witch, The Lack, Silencio and Teeth of the Hydra will be part of the third volume with other bands to be announced soon.


    Each compilation in this series aims to expose local and regional bands and fans to each other.

    Vouchers will be available at each v2.0 support show. Patrons will be able to redeem a voucher for a free copy of volume 2 at the May 17, 2002 release show. released the first volume of its series on September 29, 2001. It is currently available at, Used Kid's Records, Magnolia Thunderpussy and through the bands on volume 1.

    We here at lovingly, but with tongue firmly in cheek, refer to "cringe" as the ever elusive Columbus sound (Seattle already took "grunge"), going so far as to adopt "The Columbus Sound" as a slogan on volume 1 and the entire site. Any interpretation of this slogan should be taken with a grain of salt and a couple aspirin.

    Look for further information, links and online press kits at as future shows approach and details are ironed out. is an online zine covering the OSU/Short North area music scene. The zine started in 1995 as a poll of Live Shows subscribers. Live Shows was established in 1990 as an online calendar of OSU/Short North area music and dance events. Both are available on the World-Wide Web at

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    Joel Treadway
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    Phone: (614) 421-7589
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