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Yeah Buddy
 ISSUE  8.2 SPRING 1998 

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Notes & News

Be on the look out for TEMPLETON, who should be hitting the local scene within the next month. TEMPLETON's lineup features Christian Hurd (formerly of TATER) on guitar and vocals, Bryan Myers (MELK) on guitar, Emily Allen (MONSTER ZERO) on bass, and Ben Kemp (CALI SWAIN) on the drums. They have shows lined up for Sat. July 18, at the Union in Athens, and Mon. July 20 at Bernie's. There is also a record in the works.

- Bryan (June 30, 1998)

Cowtown Ska Update
7/11 Cowtown SkaFest, 8/11 Skatalites
Attention ska fans...Saturday July 11th @ Bernie's will be the Cowtown Skafest. A bunch of bands (triggahappy & skankin' homer from pittsburg are confirmed), ALL AGES, and starting around 7pm. Tuesday August 11th @ Ludlow's it's the creators THE SKATALITES and locals triggahappy. It'll be all ages...get your tickets now, it's sure to be a sellout.

- Not so ska (May 30, 1998)

Triggahappy wants to welcome many new members to the rotation: THREE trombones: Jay, Clint, & Kevin. ONE sax: Adam. TWO drummers (not at a time): Carlos & Aaron (ex-Enlargements). Check out the new web page as well & be sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming shows. By the way, we do NO funk any longer, it seems we keep getting tagged as a funk band...funk dat shit! Want to buy a T-Shirt? [email protected] $10.....tape? $3...and a CD is COMING SOON!! See ya on the road!

- john donahue (May 21, 1998)

Sugar Pill in the Month of May
So you want to know what's going on with Sugar Pill these days. Well, actually, there's a lot going on. We have added two new cities to our touring rotation and couldn't be happier about it. We went up to Pittsburgh to open up for a great band called Sauce. These guys couldn't have treated us any better, and (I sad GOD DAMN!) were they good. We'll be repeating the journey soon and look forward to playing in Pittsburg again. We just got back from a trip to Cincinnati opening up for Heavy Weather. We love these guys. We've known them for years and always look forward to playing with them. Jason, their percussion player, sat in with us for a slammin' version of And You Ask Why, and we hope for a repeat experience when they come and open for us at Little Brother's on May 22 - make sure you get there early enough to hear them, they will start around 10:00. We still are looking for a keyboard player, percussionist, or horn player to jam with. Give us a ring! If you are interested, call us at 614-451-9865. We are serious, are you? May should be a great month for us, we will be premiering at Mekka on May 16, and should have even more new songs to unveil for your listening pleasure. Have you heard our new songs that we are playing out currently? And She Said, Hero In Me, and Ain't So Bad are the names of the newest ones out, so let us know what you think! Well, we gotta go practice, so come check us out, and thanks for all the support you've given us! Later,

Sugar Pill

- (May 11, 1998)

Punk show THURS. May 7th
Darlington, the THUMBs, MIDWAY
(Community Projects)
This Thursday, May 7th, at CAFE BOURBON STREET(2216 Summit ST.) Community Projects is hosting its first punk showcase. Featured bands include local band MIDWAY, DARLINGTON (formerly known as MESS)from Dallas, TX, & the THUMBS(former members of Rubber sole and The Pee Tanks)from Baltimore, MD. The show starts at 10pm and is 3 bucks per person. Community Projects is a new Punk label out of lovely Columbus, OH. Soon to be released: Full length CDs by MIDWAY, and ROD due out JULY 1st. Community Projects is working hard on bringing a ton of good shows to the area so keep an eye out in the near future. CP showcase #2 is with MIDWAY, ROD, and LIMP(Honest Don's=Fatwreck records). This show is Friday May 22, at Bernie's (aka Distillery), this is an early show, starting at 7pm sharp.

- Michelle (May 05, 1998)

OWU SpringFest '98
Ohio Wesleyan University-Branch Rickey Fieldhouse: 4.26.98
They Might Be Giants & Goldfinger are playing Ohio Wesleyan's SpringFest '98 in Delaware on Sunday, April 26th. Admission is FREE and no advance tickets are required. Doors open at 1:30 pm and there are two opening bands (Lincoln and Wank) along with the headliners.

For more information, including directions to the show, be sure to check out

- Jeremiah G. Bargar, University Concert Committee. (Apr 17, 1998)

PoPo Volcano
Broke Down Motor
CD (Mi Amigo)
We are rich cefalo of earwig on guitar and the mic and joe davis of preston furman on the other guitar and allan foster brother of wilfoster on drums. we have been together since july of 97'. the cd was made in house and has 6 songs on it.

- Allan Foster (Apr 16, 1998)

junior citizen records with John C.
New Career in Rock
these clowns are recording a 5 song EP/demo. Available soon. Limited amount, get them while you can. Columbus does not know what they have in this band, catchy melodies, unique original guitar work, harmony vocals. Cowtown, they wont be here for long, you will hear it soon enough on the main stream radio, but for now enjoy your yawn inspiring Howling Maggie or your limp funk hero's in Johnson brothers. goodbye columbus.

- stooge (Apr 11, 1998)

Circus of Cool
April 13, Monday
A Circus of Cool show is scheduled to happen on April 13, Monday at 9:00pm at Oldfield's on High. The following will be performing. Dave Powers, Roger Hines, Aaron Scott, Joe Diamond - Jazz Band.

Lady Monster, Mary Margaret Faith - Readers.

The Great Slidini, Praline and other Circus Performers.

The Pope, Don Pavelcik will not be present at this performance. Please join in the fun and give your support to Don regarding his recent illness. Anyone with a video camera is highly welcomed.

- Lady Monster (Apr 10, 1998)

I'm not so sure what the sixties were like, although I see a fair amount of it's cultural fan fair down here in Athens Ohio. I am currently serving the last installment of my five year sentence behind the rusty bars of Ohio University. Being born in 74' gives me little insight into the actual ideologies of the sixties countercultures so I am no authority; not by a long shot. But being as naive as I claim to be I find myself drawn to go out on a limb here and make a pretty risky assumption. That is as follows: I don't think the sixties counter culture would ever, under any circumstance, even in their most chaotic drug induced cerebral state, PROTEST DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! Do you?

I wasn't here for the skirmish that occurred this time around, but I did witness the catalyst's upstart during the week prior. I was completely oblivious to the possibility that the embarrassing so called "riot" that took place last year in response to the area bars closing an hour early was still on the minds of local law enforcement and media. But sure enough around mid-week one of the local newspapers ran a headline that said something to the effect that "Local Law Enforcement Calls In Help From Around The State To Thwart This Year's Riot". The invitation was sent out far and wide. So as to not let the cops down a couple of thousand students attended the party sponsored by the officers of the peace and the local media. I'm told that as the students filtered out of the bars police in gear were waiting demanding that "you KIDS go home". This condescending greeting fueled the fire, and the party was just getting started. After everyone who was invited had shown up the dance floor opened with the riot ready police, in helmets and vests, forming what was described as the worlds stiffest congo line. But it wasn't the quality of the dancing that held spectators in their gaped mouthed trance, but the party favors the congo line began dishing out. Knee knockers for all!

All in all it's a pretty good news day for the bloodsuckers. And I am sure that the hosts have received a gaggle of thank you letters for their hospitality. Oh well. The spirit of the sixties lives on with it's new room mate the totalitarian military regime. I pray for my brothers and sisters who fight that ever waging war against the injustice and treachery that is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.

Brad Swiniarski: Bigfoot & Bob City (no real purpose in sending this, just shits and giggles).

- Brad Swiniarski (Apr 07, 1998)

Cringe Submissions Wanted
Deadline: June 15, 1998
Cringe is always accepting submissions. The deadline for the next issue will be June 15. Any local music related reviews, interviews, news, notes, recordings, media, photos and information are accepted. Updates to the contact directory listings are also sought. You can submit through the snail mail, email or URL addresses below:

Cringe / 133 W 6th Ave. / Col. OH 43201 / [email protected] /

- Joel (Apr 03, 1998)