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Sock Hops!

The last Saturday of every month
3 band "popfest" the last Saturday of every month hosted by or featuring the Media Whores and local/regional pop/rock acts. Check local listings and here for updates.
The Northberg Tavern


The Scoop ...

March 1999
The Pat Dull and the Media Whore CD, Gimme the Whores, is in final stages of completion and will be available to the masses in April of 1999! Don't miss the Media Whores CD Release Party! See show dates for details!

Pat Dull's Birthday is May 8th! In Celebration, the Whores will be holding a "New Wave/Skinny Tie Rock Experience" party for him on the 8th of May at the High-5 on Hight and 5th, duh! The only "presence" required is yours! Lots of local faves doing nothing but obsolete late '70s early 80's vinyl pop from Pat's glory days! See the Pop Quiz do Elvis Costello! See the Onions do Devo! See the Whores do the Knack! and many more in the same vain! You win! Proceeds benifit Break-Up! Records compilation CD project! You Win again!

Most importantly, my (JD Whore) new email address is: [email protected]

- J.D. Whore



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